Tech Editing: I am a TKGA certified Tech Editor, and a TKGA Master Knitter. I have an eye for detail and a great mathematics background. Since I’m just getting started as a Tech Editor, my rates are low. I’d love to Tech Edit for you – feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you need!

Base rate: $25/hr. 30 minute minimum ($12.50), with additional time charged at 15 minute increments.

Basic/simple knitting patterns can be edited in 30 minutes or less typically. Lace or more complicated sweater patterns with grading that needs checked can take an hour or possibly two. I will provide you with a time estimate prior to work beginning, and if I think I will go over that time for any reason I will notify you in advance of going over the time estimate.

Other Services: Grading of patterns, chart generating, schematics, instruction writing, and more.