I’m Heather Storta, a TKGA-certified Master Knitter, Knitting Instructor, and Tech Editor. I also design knitwear patterns. I teach up and down the East Coast, and nationally, at retreats and conferences as well as at Local Yarn Shops. I design a wide range of garments and accessories (I love designing socks and shawls) with a focus on clearly-written patterns. I typically only design things I would want to knit myself – I feel that if I am excited about the design then hopefully other knitters will be as well! My designs have been published in Knitty, Knitscene, Cast On, Knit Picks publications, and elsewhere.

Visit my blog for knitting tips and tricks, my current patterns and projects, and lots more!

I have provided lots of resources for new and more experienced knitters here – feel free to look around, and hopefully you can find something of interest.

Happy Knitting!

I always leave Heather’s classes more confident than when I enter. I have been knitting since 2004 and I always learn something that makes me do a facepalm because I was doing it wrong for YEARS. My knitting skills are strengthened every class I take. She is clear, kind and a great instructor.

Amy H.

I learned so much in Heather Storta’s Fair Isle knitting class. She came prepared with fascinating history, photos and books full of beautiful, colorful knits. Most inspiring were her incredibly gorgeous sweaters that she designed and knit. I learned how to manage 2 colors of yarn while keeping my tension even, a skill that does take practice. Best of all was my finished snowflake design Fair Isle hat that I was proud to give my Dad for Christmas!

Beth H.