“Mirror Knitting” – Purling Backwards

The last two weeks I showed you the mirror knitting techniques of knitting backwards and knitting backwards decreases. Today I have purling backwards for you! So, to recap -- "mirror knitting" is working stitches off the RH needle from left to right, instead of how we normally (in western knitting) knit - working the stitches… Continue reading “Mirror Knitting” – Purling Backwards


“Mirror Knitting” – Knitting Backwards Decreases

Last week I showed you Knitting Backwards. This week I have decreases that you may want to work while knitting backwards. These would be a p2tog and ssp on the WS of the work when purling, but when knitting backwards, these are the "backwards" k2tog and ssk. Next week I'll show you purling backwards!… Continue reading “Mirror Knitting” – Knitting Backwards Decreases