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Grafting 2×2 Ribbing

Grafting 2 x 2 ribbing (or any wide ribbing pattern) takes just a little concentration, since the transition between the knits and the purls can throw you off a bit.

So, again, if we are grafting a BO to BO edge, we are going to get a half-stitch jog. This was a big problem with the 1×1 ribbing – since all we have are one stitch columns and if they are off a half stitch it is very noticeable. See this blog post for how we handled that situation.

BUT, with wider ribbings, we have more columns of stitches to work with, and the jog isn’t quite as noticeable when we graft. Especially when the ribbing is contracted.

We can work a graft just fine, therefore. But we have to make sure the grafting pattern lines up with the stitches.

If we are starting with 2 knits at the right, (a knit is presenting on the FN and a purl is presenting on the BN) — our pattern will be:
FN: Purl and leave on. BN: Knit and leave on.
*FN: Knit off, purl on. BN: Purl off, knit on.
FN: Knit off, knit on. BN: Knit off, purl on.
FN: Purl off, knit on. BN: Knit off, purl on.
FN: Purl off, purl on. BN: Purl off, knit on.
Repeat from * across the 2×2 ribbing.

It is our same Kitchener graft pattern when we have knits on top of knits, but we reverse the pattern when we get purls on top of purls. So at the transition spots you’ll repeat the  same step on the front needle. (Knit off then knit on for a knit to a purl transition, and purl off then purl on for a purl to knit transition.)

We can still use my preferred “same off, opposite on” saying here for this graft. That might make it a bit easier. You look at what the stitch is presenting as that you are inserting the needle into, and work either the “same” or “opposite” step.

I have a video showing this graft here:


If we are grafting CO to BO edges, it is very similar, but our setup steps are different. (And remember, we won’t get that half stitch jog and it will line up perfectly!)

Setup – FN: Purl and leave on. BN: Purl and drop off, Knit and leave on.
Then the steps are the same as the above steps for BO to BO edges.

I hope this was helpful (and not confusing!!)

Let me know if this helps you to visualize what’s happening with this graft.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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