Darn Those Knits:I have a bag of socks that need darning and various tools. I have a darning egg, darning mushroom and a loom but didn’t know how to use any of them. After this class not only do I understand how each works but I understand the techniques for invisible patch, decorative patches and… Continue reading Cynthia S.

Cynthia S.

Fair Isle class: Great class, Heather’s examples proved her expertise!


Such and informative session. Thanks Heather! There’s so much sock architecture to play around with, I had no idea!


I always leave Heather’s classes more confident than when I enter. I have been knitting since 2004 and I always learn something that makes me do a facepalm because I was doing it wrong for YEARS. My knitting skills are strengthened every class I take. She is clear, kind and a great instructor.

Amy H.

Everything was so well prepped, clearly explained and just the right amount of info.


Embellishments for Hand Knits: I’ve enjoyed this light-hearted, stimulating class! Thank you!

Deborah S.

Embellishments for Hand Knits: This was a lot of fun and there are so many possibilities!!

Diane J.

Fixing Mistakes in Lace: Great instruction! I have had to fix lace before and wish I had known these tricks!

Sally S.

Embellishments for Hand Knits: This class opens up a whole new area of decorating!!

Karen B.

I have taken a lot of knitting classes over the years (between Stitches West, Covid virtual classes & several retreats). Heather is one of the BEST teachers from whom I’ve taken classes! I will definitely take more classes from her given the chance!!