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Tech Editing:

I am a TKGA-certified Tech Editor, and a TKGA Master Knitter who has an eye for detail and a great mathematics background. I am committed to size inclusivity, and my #1 goal is to help you fine-tune your knitting patterns into something that is the best it can be. 

I offer a full range of knitting tech editing services. (I do not offer crochet tech editing at this time.) 

I have been editing for over 7 years, and have tech edited for a number of independent designers, as well as WEBS, KnitCrate, and other yarn brands. See a sample of some of the patterns I’ve tech edited HERE (Ravelry Bundle link).

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Base rate: $36/hr. 30-minute minimum ($18), with additional time charged at 15-minute increments ($9 per 15 minutes). Feel free to ask for my sample contract. Rush jobs (same week turnaround) incur a $40/hr charge. I offer a complimentary 30-minute discount on final checks (post-test/post-layout) of patterns I have previously tech edited. Payment for invoices can be made via PayPal, ACH, or credit card.

Basic/simple knitting patterns can be edited in 30 minutes or less typically. (A baseline time estimate is about 15 minutes per page, this increases with complexity.) If desired, I can provide you with a rough time estimate prior to work beginning, and if I think I will significantly go over that time for any reason I will pause work and notify you in advance.

Other Tech Editing Services: Grading of patterns, chart generating, schematics, instruction writing, and more.

[A signed contract is required before work will begin. I work from Word docs, Google docs, or pdfs. Provide a photo or sketch, and a style sheet as well, if you have one (not all designers have one.) I use tracked changes and comments on Word and Google docs, and highlights and comments on pdfs. Turnaround time varies based on my workload.]

My availability varies, please contact me to discuss your specific project and timeline.


I also offer consulting services. If you are a designer wanting advice on a design, I’m happy to help troubleshoot and provide some guidance via Zoom.

Possible topics: sizing/grading advice, developing a style sheet, best approach for presenting directions, etc.

Rate: $40/hr. 30-minute minimum. Contact me to arrange a day/time and advance payment.

Tech Editing Resources

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