(Here are some handy calculators courtesy of my programmer husband!)
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Evenly Spacing Increases and Decreases

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Substitute another single decrease for k2tog in the above output if you are using another decrease. (Ssk, skp, ssp, p2tog)
Selvedge edges default to 1 for knitting flat, but you can change those. (They cannot be set to zero, however.)

A kfb uses a stitch, so the output accounts for that. Increases that are in between stitches are things like a make one right and left, a yarnover, a lifted increase, etc..
I’m hoping to eventually have the output evenly space the different rates for you automatically (when the number of stitches is split between two rates.)

Cast On and Rows Calculator


Project Measurements

Gauge Swatch Measurements

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More calculators coming soon!!