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WiP Wednesday

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

I’m getting ready for my Mosaic Knitting class in a few weeks. (If you are in the Charlotte, NC area you should totally come take my class!)

Here’s one of the washcloth patterns in progress…

Mosaic knitting is so much fun! I’m having a ball whipping these washcloths up!

As soon as I’m done with these, I have designing to do! I got my yarn yesterday from Hedgehog Fibres – and it is SO pretty! I’m doing a pair of socks with this for the Spring issue of Cast On. This is not normally a color I gravitate towards, but I am loving this shade (Coral) so much! It’s so bright and sunny!

(See, I couldn’t resist submitting to at least one sub call! I did pass on two other sub calls – but there are two more currently that sound up my alley, so I will try to come up with something – I have two weeks until the deadline on those…)

I also bought a few supplies for teaching, and picked up some neat notions while I was at it. The extra large stitch markers seemed like something I should have on hand, as well as the stitch markers with the clips attached. You can never have too many cable needles, and I wanted to give the circular stitch holder cables a try, too! I never really use yarn guides when knitting Fair Isle, but they come up whenever I teach my Fair Isle class, so I figured I should have some on hand to show students.

Anyway, that’s what I have going on right now – knitting-wise! Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

FO Posts

FO Friday

I finished my wrap!

Pattern: ADVENTurous Wrap by Ambah O’Brien

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Natural (White) and Sweet Georgia Party of Five (five solid blues in gradient shades) and various stash sock yarns.

Needles: US 5 (I think!)

Started: December 17, 2017

Finished: February 7, 2018








Edited triangle 1: followed pattern for section 1, then changed section 2…
Section 2:
C1 garter rows 1-2 once,
C7 garter rows 1-2 once
C1 garter rows 1-2 once
C7 garter rows 1-2 once
C1 garter rows 1-2 once.
(RS) Then, K171 sts to center, BO (suspended BO) the second 171 sts. put 171 on holder.

Edited Triangle 2: Followed pattern for section 3, then changed section 4…
Section 4:
With C1, garter rows 1-2 once.
With C13, garter rows 1-2 once.
C1, garter rows 1-2 once.
C13, garter rows 1-2 once.
C1, garter rows 1-2 once.
Cut working yarn. (RS) Place 171 sts on holder. Join working yarn at center, BO 171 sts (suspended BO).

Then, garter graft two triangles together. (See my post here on grafting in garter!)

Garter Graft (center row in middle white stripe)

Another modification I made was to add two rows of single crochet edging in the white yarn around the entire shawl, after blocking it first. It really needs a second block to even out the crocheted edge, but I wanted to wear it right away so I haven’t done that yet.







I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s a different shape than I normally wear, so I’m still a bit unsure how to style it when I wear it. But it is a lovely squishy piece that will keep me warm – and because it is made up of all different colors it will match lots of outfits!


Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

So, here is my Adventurous Wrap shawl blocking:

I grafted in garter at the join instead of doing the three needle bind off called for in the pattern. (See yesterday’s post for how to graft in garter.) And let me tell you, I was seriously questioning my sanity when I started grafting those 171 stitches! It took me about 5 hours (while watching a movie in there too, so not really 5 straight hours) to get it done. And when I was about 20 stitches from the end I realized that my stitch counts had gotten off!!!!  I found a dropped stitch about 20 stitches from the beginning, and a graft mis-step about halfway in. I put the sucker in time out over night. lol.

After a night’s sleep, I decided to let the mistakes lie (there was no way I was ripping that graft out and starting over!) So, I tacked down the dropped stitch and worked 2 double stitches in the graft randomly towards the end. The 4 boo-boos (two double stitches, dropped stitch and graft mistake) aren’t noticeable unless you’re: 1. me, or 2. very very observant and looking at the shawl with a magnifying glass. Which hopefully no one will be breaking out a magnifying glass around me while I’m wearing it. 😉

Now that it’s been blocked, my next step will be to work the edging. I am going to do a row or two with white in single crochet and then I’ll decide after that whether I will do a contrast color to finish it off. I may have it done by Friday, and if so I’ll do a FO Friday with it. Otherwise it’ll be next week!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!


Grafting Garter

Hi all! I have finished the two triangles on my Adventurous Shawl, and now I’m ready to graft the two triangles together!

Here’s what I did on this pattern to set up the garter graft:

I ended one of the triangles on a ‘row 2’ of the garter rows. On the second triangle, I worked rows 1-2 and then row 1 once more (with no increases – this keeps the stitch counts on both pieces the same.)

And here is how to graft in garter.

The fabric on the front needle has a purl row as the last row worked (as viewed on the RS). The fabric on the back needle has a knit row as the last row worked (as viewed on the RS). Arrange the needles with the WS facing each other. (When looking at the fabric this way, the stitches facing you will all be purls.)

Thread your grafting yarn onto a tapestry needle. Insert the tapestry needle into the first stitch on the front knitting needle as if to purl, and leave it on the needle. Insert the tapestry needle into the first stitch on the back needle as if to purl and leave it on the needle. These are your set up movements. Now we get into the repeating steps:

1 — Insert into the first stitch on the front needle as if to knit and pull the stitch off.

2 — Insert as if to purl into the next stitch on the front needle.

3 — Insert into the first stitch on the back needle as if to knit and pull the stitch off.

4 — Insert as if to purl into the next stitch on the back needle.

Repeat these 4 steps across all stitches, until there is one stitch remaining on each needle. Insert as if to knit on the front needle, and then again on the back needle, removing the stitches. Tighten up across the row to make a seam that is the same tension as the rest of the knitting.

And that’s it!

Here is a video I made demonstrating the process.

Come back tomorrow, and I will show you my shawl in progress! I just have the edging left to work and then it will be all done!

Happy Knitting


Patterns Released

New Patterns!

Hi all! Did you see that the newest issue of Cast On magazine came out yesterday? I happen to have two articles and three patterns in this issue! Yeah… so now you see why I was so busy over the holiday season! 🙂

The Stitch Anatomy of this issue was Illusion Knitting, so I have an article on the technique in this issue, and a pattern for some Springtime Washcloths to go along with it:


I also have a pattern for an Illusion Argyle Scarf as well:


Then, I have another article on Crochet Finishing! And a pattern to go along with the article, my Delia Baby Dress:

I named this one after my grandmother because she was an avid crocheter, and she helped to teach me to crochet at an early age. 🙂 I like to think that she would have loved this little dress. ❤

So, if you aren’t already a member of the TKGA, you should go join now  – there are a ton of great patterns in this issue!

And check back tomorrow, I’ll have a post on grafting in garter!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!