About Me

I am an avid knitter and lifetime crafter. I began my knitting adventure in 2004. For whatever reason, knitting just clicked with me and it has become my passion. I love learning all the hows and whys of knitting, from the history of the craft to the technical aspects of construction and design. This led me to enroll in the TKGA Master Knitter program. I passed Level 1 in September of 2009, Level 2 in April of 2013, and Level 3 in June 2014 – I am now a TKGA certified Master Knitter!  I was also asked to serve on the TKGA Master Hand Knitting committee, and have been serving since July 2014. I have been a Co-Chair on the committee since May 2018.

I have a background in teaching, as well as engineering, which has served me well in my new career as a knitting instructor. I’m a TKGA certified Knitting Instructor, and I have taught at many local yarn shops and Guilds along the East Coast, and I also teach at retreats, conferences, and fiber festivals along the East Coast and nationally.  When not knitting, designing or teaching knitting, or tech editing patterns, I am homeschooling my two boys, reading, spinning, camping and hiking.

Feel free to look around, and Happy Knitting!