I have taken a lot of knitting classes over the years (between Stitches West, Covid virtual classes & several retreats). Heather is one of the BEST teachers from whom I’ve taken classes! I will definitely take more classes from her given the chance!!


Mirror Knitting: I had a fun time and learned a lot!


Embellishments for Hand Knits: This class opens up a whole new area of decorating!!

Karen B.

Embellishments for Hand Knits: I’ve enjoyed this light-hearted, stimulating class! Thank you!

Deborah S.

Embellishments for Hand Knits: This was a lot of fun and there are so many possibilities!!

Diane J.

Fixing Mistakes in Lace: Great instruction! I have had to fix lace before and wish I had known these tricks!

Sally S.

Darn Those Knits:
I have a bag of socks that need darning and various tools. I have a darning egg, darning mushroom and a loom but didn’t know how to use any of them. After this class not only do I understand how each works but I understand the techniques for invisible patch, decorative patches and woven patches. Great class – if offered again I’m thinking of taking it as a refresher.

Cynthia S.

Such and informative session. Thanks Heather! There’s so much sock architecture to play around with, I had no idea!


Everything was so well prepped, clearly explained and just the right amount of info.


I learned so much in Heather Storta’s Fair Isle knitting class. She came prepared with fascinating history, photos and books full of beautiful, colorful knits. Most inspiring were her incredibly gorgeous sweaters that she designed and knit. I learned how to manage 2 colors of yarn while keeping my tension even, a skill that does take practice. Best of all was my finished snowflake design Fair Isle hat that I was proud to give my Dad for Christmas!

Beth H.