Roses from my Garden

My roses have been blooming for a few weeks now – they make me so happy.

My lilac roses (I don’t know the cultivars of my roses, but I’m pretty sure the lilac one is a tea rose) is so fragrant – it has a powerful and quite lovely scent to it.  I just love it.

If only my cat wouldn’t eat any flower that’s brought into the house!  I still try to bring some in now and then, but it’s hard finding a spot that he can’t get to (he’s an accomplished jumper!)  I guess I’ll just have to make sure to get outside to enjoy them while they’re here. 🙂 (And brave the allergies…)


Happy Mother’s Day!

We went strawberry picking at a nearby ‘pick-your-own’ farm, and, um, came home with not just one gallon of strawberries, but TWO. So now I’m trying to come up with ways to eat all these strawberries before they go bad!! (I don’t have canning equipment, or else I’d make some jam!)

Here’s what I did with some of them this morning:


(I love chocolate covered strawberries!)

And I’m baking two loaves of strawberry bread as we speak. I’ll let you know how it turns out and share the recipe if we end up liking it.

We plan on making strawberry popsicles today as well. Any other ideas???

I hope all you mothers out there have a lovely Mother’s Day today. My boys brought me breakfast in bed this morning, and my oldest brought me a ‘bouquet’ a little while ago:

My Mother’s Day bouquet. 🙂

Enjoy your day!



So I have no Master Knitter stuff to show you this week.  I had a busy weekend – Sunday we drove to Goldsboro for the ‘Wings over Wayne’ airshow and we were gone ALL day.

Air Force Thunderbirds flight team

I did get some knitting done in the car, but not on my swatches (I like to do those in peace and quiet and at home so I can concentrate and take notes as I work).  I can’t show you what I worked on in the car because it’s a new design that I can’t show you yet. 🙂  Hopefully soon, but not just yet.

So, I do have the sweater that I’m working on, and I have the three pairs of socks that still need mates, and I have two designs I’m actively working on, and the shawl that’s sitting not being worked on, but…  I want to start something new.  What, I don’t quite know yet.  Perhaps these socks.  In pink and green. Maybe one of these Scotty hats.  Maybe a pair of gloves.  Decisions, decisions.  I just know that I want to start something new.


Flowers make me happy

Spring is well and truly here in NC.  My favorite season!  (Despite the allergies – did you know Charlotte is the 3rd worst city in the US for allergies? I can sure believe it!)

The boys and I took a quick field trip yesterday to a little local garden area which is always so beautiful this time of year.  Just seeing the flowers made me so happy.

The tulips are out in full force – mine are even blooming in my little flower garden (even though I totally forgot to plant them in the fall and only planted them about 3 months ago!)

Tiptoe through the tulips…

Maybe these pictures will make you happy too – even if you live where spring has yet to ‘sprung’.

Pretty in Pink

Snippets of Disney World

I don’t have any Master Knitter stuff to show (again!) this week – I didn’t touch much knitting at all over the last week or so.  I’m hoping to get back to the Master Knitter swatches this week, so I should have something to show you next Monday.

And my Maple Wing shawl is blocking at this very moment, so I should have a FO post for you later today or tomorrow.

I thought I’d share a few things from our Disney trip this last week.  We had a wonderful time, and HP threw a fantastic party for us all over the 3 days.  It was just awesome!

I wore my Laminaria shawl with my gown for the semi-formal banquet/awards/party celebration on Thursday night.

Me and my husband, all dressed up!

We were treated to exclusive access to Hollywood Studios on Wednesday night, including the Toy Story ride, Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster rides, too.  The also did the Fantasmic show for us to wrap up the evening.  The food was fantastic all three days, too.  The steak at the banquet Thursday night was melt-in-your-mouth tender.  It was the best steak I’ve ever had…EVAR.

We were able to choose an activity for Thursday morning/afternoon before the banquet – so we chose to goto Epcot for the day.  We rode the Mission:Space ride for the first time (I get motion sick, so we did the ‘less intense’ version – hubby would have liked to do the ‘more intense’ one, but maybe he’ll get a chance to next time we goto Disney!) and Soarin’ for the first time as well.  We had a wonderful time walking around without the kids in tow.  It was a very nice little vacation away for us.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with all the details of our trip. 🙂  We had a great time, and I’m so very proud of my husband for winning the award!