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Sock Issues and other ramblings

Really, more like gauge issues. I started knitting some socks for my dad’s upcoming birthday – he’ll be 60! But, I didn’t do a gauge swatch beforehand and the sock is turning out too small – although it fits me perfect! The problem is I don’t have enough of the yarn I was using to do him a pair at the gauge I am getting, so there’s no point in frogging the sock (which I am loath to do, since it took me forever to just get to the heel turn, which is where I stopped). Instead I started on a new pair – same pattern, different yarn – after doing a gauge swatch and adjusting the pattern accordingly. These are taking quite a while to knit as well, since I’m using size 0 needles and I’m getting 9 sts/inch. I’m almost to the heel flap on the first sock, and it’s been about 4 days now. I’ll take pictures soon.

So I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping for my 2 DSs. DS#1 is into Star Wars like you wouldn’t believe. He’s going to be Darth Vader for Halloween, and he can’t wait! I ordered a Star Wars pop up book (it was $25) and wasn’t expecting too terribly much. I just got it in the mail today, and let me tell you, it looks like it should have cost me more like $50. It is freaking amazing!! Words cannot describe how cool this book is. I am not letting either DS touch the thing until they are a lot older. I’ll let them look, but not touch!!

I can’t wait until the new Star Wars Galactic Heroes Cinema scenes hit the shelves at Walmart and Target. They are both getting 2 exclusive sets – Walmart is getting 2 cantina scenes, and Target is gettting – get this – an X-wing set!! and a Jabba the Hut set!! The Walmart ones are supposed to be out any day now, and the Target ones sometime in November. I love these little action figures. They are so cute! I think I’m getting them more for me than for my sons! (Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan – the original movies, not the piece of crap new ones.)

I just ordered, and received in the mail, some hand-dyed sock yarn from Hawaii. Gorgeous stuff! I can’t wait to knit with it! I also ordered some Maizy and Panda Cotton yarns to make some more Yoga socks with. I’ve never knitted with these before, so I’m hoping they are nice to knit with!

I’ll get back to my boys now, I’ve started homeschooling DS#1 (kindergarten math and reading and such), and he’s bugging me right now to do “school”, so I’d better go and educate him!! I wouldn’t want to deny his zest for learning!


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  1. Thanks for adding me to your Ravelry friends! And congrats on starting a blog. 🙂Love the Queen of Cups socks, by the way.

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