Computer Problems, Tunic Progress and Charlotte Purls

So this last week was a sucky computer week for DH (and me too, by extension!!) First our power supply on the web server went dead, so hubby had to order a new one – which meant that our website was down for a good week (which isn’t really *that* bug of a deal, since nobody but us goes there anyway!!! LOL!) But, our mail is hosted on that server too, so hubby had to move the mail over temporarily to another computer while we were waiting, cause we can’t go without our mail!!!!! Anyway, so the new power supply gets here and…….. The hard drive crashes on that server. ALL of DH’s webfiles are on there. Are there any back-ups? NO! Crazy DH had no back-ups!!! It all worked out in the end, though – the drive wasn’t really dead, DH was able to recover it after some fiddling around.

Was that all? Of course not!! Then, a couple of nights ago our router goes ka-plooey! No network! No mail!! No internet!! Ahhh!! DH had to run out to Best Buy to buy a new router (it happened at 8pm, and Best Buy closed at 9pm, talk about under the wire!) So, keep your fingers crossed that that is the end of our computer woes. If anything else goes wrong I’m going to be convinced that the universe is against us this year! LOL!

Well, on the knitting front, I’m *almost* done with my mom’s tunic. I’m making it for her 60th birthday coming up on Feb 6th. She has no idea that I’m making her something (although she may suspect, since I made my Dad his socks for his 60th a few months ago, so she may have an idea that I’d make something for her as well). I don’t think she knows about this little blog, so I feel safe talking about it here. 🙂 I just need to block it and then knit the armhole edging and seam the sides. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. (I’ll post a pic later).

The Mystery Socks from the Ravelry! Socknitters Anonymous Group that I’m doing are so cute!!! The heels each have an intarsia half-heart which makes a whole heart when the heels are side by-side. How cute is that?! And the lace on the instep forms hearts too. Too cute!! Here are a couple of pics:

Today I went to my first Charlotte Purls get-together. I really enjoyed it – they are all such nice ladies! I can’t wait for the next one! It’s nice having people to knit with :-). The Mommies group I’m in is kind of getting a little knitting circle started – I’m hosting our fourth get-together at my house this Tuesday night. I get to show off my spinning wheel :-).

Speaking of spinning, here’s my first yarn spin on Brygitta:

I’m keeping a close eye on the South Carolina primaries tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Obama!!! I’m “Fired Up!” and “Ready to Go!” and I hope SC is too!!!

We’ll see…..

5 thoughts on “Computer Problems, Tunic Progress and Charlotte Purls”

  1. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed your CP visit today, we enjoyed having you. I loved the tunic you are working on for your mom! I am sure she will be thrilled!Socks and you spin too! You are multi-talented woman!

  2. No, I’ve never seen him in person! I would looovvvveee to see him in person!!!!! His speech tonight was awesome – I was crying!! LOL!That’s so neat that you saw him in Rock Hill – I’m envious!!

  3. Hi Heather – Spoke briefly to you during our Purls Meeting. Your work is exquisite and your mom is sure to love her tunic. It was nice meeting you – See you on the next meeting.

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