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Swing Set! and New Shoes!

We got the DS’s a new swing set a couple of weekends ago. Took us a good two weeks to get it put together (OMG – totally pay the money to have someone else put one of these together for you – I don’t care how much they charge – trust me on this one!)

They absolutely love it! Here’s some progress pics and the finished product (minus some yard tweaking, that is):

I finished my socks last week:

And snagged a new pair of shoes earlier in the week to show off my hand-knitted socks:

These are the Journey’s exclusive clear Converse sneakers. I’ve been wanting a pair for almost 6 months now – but they are impossible to get your hands on! I just happened to hit the mall on the very day they got a new shipment, can you believe it?! (It actually looks like they have some in stock online now, too, so snag them while you can!) I’m hoping they don’t rub too badly on the heel area, they feel a little snug there – I’m thinking I’ll wear cheap-o socks to break the sneakers in before I risk my precious hand-knits.

My Mother’s Day gift (a little early):

A Kodak EasyShare Z1285. I love it! It’s small enough to carry around in my purse, and takes great photos! Plus HD video and photos too. I was wanting a carry-around-everywhere camera that took good photos and videos to replace my current way-outdated-slow-as-heck-crappy-camera that I did have (an old model Olympus D-560). This new one is fast as lightning and has 12mp. I’m happy. 🙂

Some of you are already aware of this – my FIL was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few weeks ago. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. According to the CT scan and other tests that were done, it looks like it was caught early and hasn’t spread to his other organs. He had an appointment with an oncologist earlier in the week, and they are doing more diagnostic tests this week and early next week. By Friday of next week we should have a better idea of what exactly we’re up against, and know what the game plan is for beating it into remission. Please continue to keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. We feel your pain, two weeks ago we put up our son’s new set (actually like I said on my blog, my husband did most of the work). I’m sure they’ll get lots of fun out of it though!

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