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Here’s a new FO. And in crochet no less – which I don’t do too often lately!

Meet Stitch, the puppy dog:

Pattern: Pomeranian by Brigitte Read

Yarn: Knit Picks Suri Dream (plus some worsted merino on his belly area for contrast)

Hook: F (3.75mm)

This technique is called brushed crochet. You crochet your item, and then literally brush the fur out. The pattern calls for a slicker brush (which you can find at pet stores.) Instead, I used my new handcarders as my brush – and they worked great. Surprisingly, pretty much any yarn will work for this. The suri alpaca worked extremely well to give a nice long coat to the doggie, but the merino yarn I used on his belly brushed out quite nicely as well, although not as long. I ended up with some holey spots (I really needed to crochet this much more tightly than I did), but they were easily covered over with some creative darning and vigorous brushing. 🙂

Overall, a very fun and quick project! And now I have a cute doggie of my own, who doesn’t need walked and fed! Win, win situation for me!

1 thought on “Woof!”

  1. Hey Heather! I just wanted to say that I love the dog! It is adorable.
    It was great seeing you guys and hopefully we will see you in the summer!

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