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WWKiP Day!

Saturday June 13th was World Wide Knit in Public Day! And what a fun day it was!



Charlotte Knitting Guild

hosted an event from 11-3 at a Charlotte area Books-a-Million, with prizes drawn every half-hour. The Joe Muggs cafe stepped up and had samples of iced coffee and treats for us too!

(Charlotte Purls! Stacey, me, Wendy, Rose, Donna and Angela (seated).)

(Stacey with my SKA WWKiP sock, and her own socks. Aren’t they great?!)

After the WWKiP event, I headed home and got a few photos for the Ravelry SKA WWKiP Scavenger Hunt. (Quick explanation: you take photos of a sock in progress with different things, and get points. The people with the highest points win a prize, as well as winners in different categories. All in good fun!)

(Sock with children under 12, in front of (just part of!) my stash. One is knitting! 4pts)


(Sock with a person in uniform. 3pts. heehee!)

Then we headed to the mall, to get a bite to eat before seeing UP with the boys.

(Sock in front of a Landmark. Lowe’s Motor Speedway. 5pts.)


(Sock dining out. 1pt.)


Then I did a little KiP before we headed over to the movie theatre.

(Sock being KiP in front of 3+ non-knitters. 6pts.)

I ended up tallying 35 points with my 9 photos (Not all of them are pictured here. You can check the rest out on my Flickr WWKiP set.) We’ll see if I win anything. It doesn’t really matter if I do – the point was to have fun, and I sure did!

The boys really enjoyed UP!, and we had fun watching for fireflies on the car ride home. Overall, it was a very good day!

Don’t be afraid to KiP all year long! Happy Knitting everyone!

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