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WiP Wednesday

I’ve got several things on the needles right now – a shawl, of course, but also a couple pairs of socks.

I’m finally knitting up my chili pepper yarn (well, it’s called ‘Ring of Fire’, but I think of it as chili peppers since the gift package came with chili pepper stitch markers and a chili pepper project bag!)  I’m loving how bright and happy it’s looking.

And I’ve got a pair of socks for my youngest on the needles as well:

I’m on the second lace repeat of my shawl, it’s been neglected in favor of the socks lately, but once the socks are done it’ll definitely get more attention:

That’s what’s on my needles right now – we’ll see what else I add to the WiPs by next week! 🙂

Happy Knitting all!

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