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WiP Wednesday

I’ve gotten a bit more done on the shawl:

I’m now on repeat number 7 of the lace chart.  13 more to go after this one!

Close up detail

I’m also still plugging away at my Master Knitter vest, but I’ll save that to show you until next Monday. 🙂

I’m also finishing up my sweater design – I’m hoping to have the prototype done soon so I can then concentrate on writing up the pattern.  I think I’ve pretty much decided to self-publish.  I have a few ideas for some other patterns that could go with it, so I’m envisioning a ‘pattern collection’.  🙂  We’ll see what develops.

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8 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday”

  1. I love the texture of that lace pattern, it’s so elegant and leaf-ish.

    Also—designing your own sweater? So cool. I can’t wait to see it.

    1. Thanks! I’ve designed some socks and a shawl up to this point, but this will be my first sweater design! I’m pretty excited about it (but also a bit nervous about tackling the pattern writing/grading!)

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