WiP Wednesday

I jumped on the Mystery Shawl bandwagon. I casted on last Thursday and I’m now 1/3 of the way done with the fourth clue!

Pattern: Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering yarn in color Georgia Peach

I’ve been wanting to use my Three Irish Girls yarn for the longest time – it’s the 2009 Sock Summit ‘Dye for Glory’ winner – Georgia Peach.  It almost looks edible, doesn’t it?  I thought it’d be a perfect match for a bright summery shawl.  Who knows if I’ll actually wear this in summer (it’s already approaching 100 degrees here!) but it’s so bright and cheery that it’ll make me happy while knitting it at least! 🙂 (Plus it’s super soft, so it’s wonderful to knit with!)

I don’t really have much else to show you this week.  I’ve not touched my cashmere shawl or my master knitter vest, but I have been plugging away at a new sock design, which should be done sometime soon!  (But I can’t show you that yet!)

Head over to Tami’s blog to check out some more WiPs!

Happy Knitting!!

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