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WiP Wednesday

I’ve been working on socks a lot lately, since they’re small and portable – my boys are in art classes one day a week now, and their ages are such that, of course, they can’t be in the same class, so I have to sit for 2 hours straight each week – perfect time to knit!  So, I have one pair done already (I’ll show you those on Friday), I’ve started another pair, and I’m halfway done with sock #1 already.  I have a feeling I’ll be able to plow through a good chunk of my sock yarn over these next few months!!

So, here’s the pair I’m working on right now:

I’m using Lotus Yarns Charka yarn in the colorway Katherine.  I’m loving this yarn – it has 10% cashmere in it, which makes it so soft and sumptuous.  On top of that, I’m loving the colors in this skein – sable browns, and blue-greys.  I can’t wait to finish this pair so I can get them on my feet!

I’ve got another WiP I’m actively working on, but it’s a new shawl design – so I can’t show it to you just yet. 😉  But I can show you the yarn I’m spinning for it!

It’s a cream colored 100% Polwarth, which I’m spinning as fine as I can so that I can then do a two-ply lace weight (or as close to lace weight as I can get!!)  It’s spinning up pretty slowly, since I’m spinning so fine, but I’m enjoying it so far.

Thank you for all the condolences for losing Harpo- my heart is still sad.  Our other cat, Minnie, has been depressed ever since he passed, so about a week ago we decided to go ahead and add another kitty to our family.  Meet Gracie, a 7 month old orange/brown tabby calico:

She is quite the kitten, and attacks my yarn and knitting needles, as well as my spinning wheel, so trying to knit and spin has been interesting these last few days. 🙂  Minnie is slowly getting used to her – she keeps looking at us as if to tell us that she didn’t want an annoying kitten, she wanted Harpo back.  But hopefully with a little time they’ll be best buds… and our hearts won’t hurt so badly from missing Harpo.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about Harpo. It’s always hard losing a pet. Ripple was depressed after Morris passed too. Adding Calvin into the mix helped but it took him a while to get over the fact that Momo wasn’t around any more. Gracie is a cutie! She’ll win over Minnie in no time!

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