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WiP Wednesday

Forgive me for not posting in a while – we’ve had a lot going on in our family over the last couple weeks.

I’ve finished a couple of things that I’ll show you on Friday, but today I’ll show you my current works in progress.

These fair isle socks are still in my WiP basket, but they haven’t been touched since the last time I showed them to you.  I’ll pick them back up soon, I think.

Same picture as last time. Because there's been no change so why take a new picture? 🙂

I pulled out my sock scrap blankie since I finished my lace cowl (that I’ll show you Friday) and I wanted something a bit mindless to work on (other than plain socks, which I already have going.)

This is about 2.5 feet by 3 feet so far

I’ve added several rows to it over the past couple days – this is basically just a giant crocheted granny rectangle, with different scraps of leftover sock yarn each one or two or three rows.  The rows are getting quite long already, so by the time it’s to the size I want the rows are going to take forever!  I may ditch the crochet and knit some log cabin-esque rectangles to finish the blanket off, we’ll see.  I’m really not a crocheter- it’s not as enjoyable to me as knitting, but it does eat up the yarn nicely!

My other WiP is my plain socks:

These are being worked up in Collinette Jitterbug in the Monet colorway, with Velvet Plum heels and toes.  Almost done with the first sock!

I’ve picked my Master Knitter swatches back up too – hopefully I’ll have something to show you with those on Monday!

That’s it for me today, but I am itching to start another lace shawl, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I have one of those on the needles by next Wednesday.  Be sure to check out Tamis Amis for some more WiP Wednesday posts!

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