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WiP Wednesday – Buttons!

Hi all!  I finally found some buttons for my sweater, so progress is being made!  I found two different buttons, and not having my sweater with me when I went shopping, I bought both. (You can never have too many buttons, right?)

I’m going to go with the darker grey ones. I think they blend better with the yarn and don’t stand out as much against the blue.
So, having made my choice I was able to plan out the spacing and finish the buttonhole band!

Buttonhole band done, started on buttonband.

I’m using twelve 7/8″ buttons, and I used the ‘tulips’ buttonhole – I really like how that buttonhole looks on ribbing. I can’t wait to get this done and blocked. I used a ‘fake seam’ stitch on the sides – I’ll decide whether to actually seam it up after I block it. I want to see how drapey the alpaca makes the sweater first. Whether or not I actually seam it up, I’ll do a blog post on the technique soon, it’s pretty nifty!

In other knitting news, I finished up my ‘Neon’ socks!  They are super bright!  But I do love them. 🙂

Yarn: Cozy Color Works Fingering SW in colorway ‘Galaxy’
Needles: US 0
Pattern: My own.
Started: June 26th, 2017
Finished: July 16th, 2017

So, that’s it from me for now!

Oh, I’m teaching a Beginner’s Fair Isle class this coming August 12th at Cheers To Ewe!  (Located in Huntersville, NC.)  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to knit Fair Isle, this is the class for you!  Go here to sign up!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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