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WiP Wednesday

So, here is my Adventurous Wrap shawl blocking:

I grafted in garter at the join instead of doing the three needle bind off called for in the pattern. (See yesterday’s post for how to graft in garter.) And let me tell you, I was seriously questioning my sanity when I started grafting those 171 stitches! It took me about 5 hours (while watching a movie in there too, so not really 5 straight hours) to get it done. And when I was about 20 stitches from the end I realized that my stitch counts had gotten off!!!!Ā  I found a dropped stitch about 20 stitches from the beginning, and a graft mis-step about halfway in. I put the sucker in time out over night. lol.

After a night’s sleep, I decided to let the mistakes lie (there was no way I was ripping that graft out and starting over!) So, I tacked down the dropped stitch and worked 2 double stitches in the graft randomly towards the end. The 4 boo-boos (two double stitches, dropped stitch and graft mistake) aren’t noticeable unless you’re: 1. me, or 2. very very observant and looking at the shawl with a magnifying glass. Which hopefully no one will be breaking out a magnifying glass around me while I’m wearing it. šŸ˜‰

Now that it’s been blocked, my next step will be to work the edging. I am going to do a row or two with white in single crochet and then I’ll decide after that whether I will do a contrast color to finish it off. I may have it done by Friday, and if so I’ll do a FO Friday with it. Otherwise it’ll be next week!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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