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Friday Finishing: Part One

Hi all!  Today I am going to start a weekly series that will run for several weeks – covering the topic of finishing work for hand knitting.

Today’s topic is the Figure 8 start for vertical seams.

The Figure 8 method for beginning vertical seams is an excellent way to start a seam, since it lines up the pieces to be seamed perfectly, and it makes the cast on edge of the seam look virtually seamless (our goal when seaming!) It can be tricky to work correctly, however.

Here is a video I made on working the Figure 8 start:


The keys to working the Figure 8 correctly are:

  1. Insert the needle from the WS to the RS, on both pieces.
  2. Go in the space between the selvedge stitch and the next column, directly above the CO edge.
  3. And always use the exact same space (and again from WS to RS) when you return to the other side.

This ensures that your Figure 8 is clean and can look the best that it can. Like I said in the video, I prefer to go above both strands of the CO edge when long tail CO has been used. I think the finished product looks much better that way. But, that is my preference! Experiment and see what you like best!

Next week we’ll cover the Mattress stitch seam in stockinette fabric.

See you then! Until then, Happy Knitting!

See Part Two here.

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  1. Hi Heather—I’m currently enrolled in Level 1 of the TKGA Master Hand Knitter program. Just wanted to let you know how helpful I found your post. Thanks!

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