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WiP Wednesday 6/6/18

Hi all!

I am plugging away on my Vitamin D cardigan. It’s kind of halted right now since I have design work that takes priority for the moment. I’ve been able to get a row or two of knitting on it done here and there. But here’s how far I’ve gotten:


Almost to the end of the sleeve increases – I think. Maybe?

My current design work is another pair of socks for Cast On magazine, these will be in the Fall issue. I’ve only just started, but I have until early July to get them done, so I should have plenty of time.


If you’re in the area, the Charlotte Knitting Guild is hosting a WWKiP Day event at the Mint Museum Uptown on this Saturday from 11-2pm. It should be fun! Come join us!

I’ll have another Friday Finishing post this week, so stay tuned for that!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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