Friday Finishing Series, Techniques

Friday Finishing Part Seven

Today’s topic for Friday Finishing is Horizontal to Horizontal seams.

Here is a video tutorial I made on working Horizontal seams in stockinette stitch:


The keys to working a good horizontal seam are:

  1. On bottom piece, have the thread come out of the center of a stitch (a V).
  2. On top piece, have the thread encase the base of a stitch (the two bottom legs of the V).
  3. Seam directly above and below the bind off edges. Seaming farther from the edge will add unnecessary bulk.
  4. Seam every stitch across. (Usually for these seams there will be the same number of stitches in each piece.)

Next week we’ll cover working a horizontal to horizontal seam with stair-stepped pieces (such as at stair-stepped shoulder seams).

Until then, Happy Knitting!


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