Friday Finishing Series, Techniques

Friday Finishing Part Ten

Today’s topic for Friday Finishing is Kitchener Grafting in Ribbing.

Here is a video tutorial I made on working the Kitchener Graft in Ribbing:


This method works anywhere that the grafted row needs to look the same as the rows on either side of the graft – such as stockinette, ribbing, other knit/purl patterns. The resulting grafted row will be the same stitches as the above and below rows. This method will NOT work where you need the grafted row to be different – such as garter, seed stitch, or other patterns that change every row.

Keep in mind, when grafting live stitches, the grafted row will be offset from the row above by 1/2 of a stitch. Essentially just like the horizontal seam of two bound off edges.

The steps for working Kitchener Stitch:

  1. Position the work with the wrong sides facing each other. You may begin on either the front or the back needle.
  2. Work the set up step on needle 1. (Opposite On.)
  3. Work the set up step on needle 2. (Opposite On.)
  4. Needle 1 again, work ‘Same Off, Opposite On’.
  5. Needle 2, work ‘Same Off, Opposite On’.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have one stitch left on each needle.
  7. Work ‘Same Off’ on needle 1.
  8. Work ‘Same Off’ on needle 2.

The keys to working this graft well are:

  1.  You must have the same number of stitches on each needle.
  2. Keep the tapestry needle and yarn UNDER the knitting needles throughout the process.
  3. Work loosely as you go across.
  4. After you have worked the graft, tighten up across the row to get the graft at the same tension as the rest of the knitting.

Next week we’ll cover working the Kitchener Stitch graft in Garter. The steps will be a bit different, since the row has to be half knit and half purl in order to maintain the pattern!

Until then, Happy Knitting!


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