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WiP Wednesday 3/28/2019

I’m busy prepping for the Dallas Fort Worth Fiber Festival! (April 4-7th.) One of my classes is sold out, and the other only has a few seats left – and Master Knitter Day is also sold out! (There’s still space in my Tisket Tasket Entrelac Baskets class if you want to add a class to your schedule…) I’m really excited – it should be loads of fun. Who will I see there? I’ll be participating in the stitch marker swap, so if you see me around, stop me and swap with me! Here are the stitch markers I am bringing with me:


Also, if you stop me and ask about one of my patterns, I will give you a coupon for a free Ravelry download of a pattern of your choice*! I’m only bringing 50 coupons, though, so when I’m out, I’m out!

Ok, let’s get to my WiPs! I am finally blocking my Vitamin D cardigan, because I’m hoping to wear it sometime in Dallas — or at the very least show it to Claudia of Claudia’s Handpaints! (Hopefully the weather is warmer than last year!) It bled like crazy when I soaked it, so I’m hoping the color didn’t fade too badly. We’ll see when it’s dry…


I finished up my most recent plain socks as well:
Yarn: Twisted Owl 2-Ply Sock in colorway ‘Happy Birthday to EWE’!
Needles: Size 0
Started: Oct 13, 2018
Finished: Feb 12, 2019

I’ll have to go stash diving to find a skein to start my next plain socks with. Don’t worry, it won’t be hard, I have a lifetime’s worth of single sock skeins to choose from! lol (Sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. That’s what I tell myself, anyway!)

My current WiP is design work, and these are *almost* done. Good thing, since they are due soon! These will be in the next issue of Cast On magazine.


Once these are done, I have loads of design ideas floating in my head that I want to work on! Sweaters, shawls, and more. I’m not sure which design will win the fight for my attention first, but I’m excited to find out.

I will do my best to post a few times from Dallas! At the very least I will post a recap afterwards.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

(*Patterns available are my for-sale Ravelry patterns. Patterns for sale elsewhere are not available with this coupon.)

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