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New tutorial series: Weaving in Tails

Hello again!

Starting today, and for the next few Fridays, I’m going to release a series of tutorial videos and posts on weaving in yarn tails.

Today’s post and video is on weaving in yarn tails in ribbing.

First though, let’s go over the three key items to take note of for tail weaves:

  1. They should be invisible (or as close to invisible as possible) on the RS of the work.
  2. They should not come undone!
  3. They should not hinder the inherent stretch of the knitted fabric – horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

True duplicate stitch doesn’t work well for ribbing, since the path of the tail would end up on the RS of the work in spots. So, for ribbing we need to do something different. Here is a video:

Following the rib up on the WS makes it nearly invisible on the RS, and allows it to stretch with the fabric. Anchoring the final stitch via duplicate stitch and weaving back down for a couple of stitches makes sure it will not come undone as the fabric is worn and stretched.

I hope this is helpful! Stay tuned next Friday for weaving in tails in stockinette stitch!

Happy Knitting!

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