Tension Issues – Enlarged Left Knits

Today is the last post (for now) in my series on Tension Issues. We’ll be focusing on the left knit stitches in things like ribbing and cables.

The left-hand knit stitch in ribbing and cables is very often a bit enlarged compared to the other stitches. This is because of the excess yarn that is present when transitioning from a knit stitch to a purl stitch. Here is a video that shows this, along with some tips for fixing this issue:


Two main options for fixing:
1. Pull the yarn forward well when transitioning from knit to a purl.

2. Work a “backwards” purl, where the yarn in wrapped under the needle instead of over the needle to form the purl. Remember to knit those stitches through the back loop on the following row to avoid twisted stitches.

One or the other of these, or a combination of the two above methods, typically helps to fix the issue.

I hope these videos were helpful! If you have other tension issues you’d like to see me address, let me know!

Next week we’ll switch gears and look at cabling without a cable needle.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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