Tubular Cast On – Three Methods

Today I have a video for you on the tubular cast on technique.

Warning – it’s a long one (I don’t typically like to record long videos, but there you go.) I’ll provide the timestamps below in case you want to skip to just the particular method you’re interested in.

A tubular cast on is a form of invisible cast on that produces a tube at the cast on edge. The tube has to be there for it to be “tubular” and not just invisible. There are many different ways to make this edge, in this video I show you three different ways. The first two use waste yarn, the third one does not. I think method #1 is perhaps the easiest to work. My favorite method is method #3, but I know this method can give some knitters trouble!

1:28 Method 1 – Provisional with picked up stitches
7:25 Method 2 – Provisional with k1 yo, and double knitting rows
14: 15 Method 3 – Italian tubular cast on with double knitting rows
Use a smaller needle for the methods that use double knitting (the second and third method). Method 1 and 2 are best for odd #s – if you need an even # of sts, cast on one extra and work a decrease on your first ribbing row. (Or you can cast on one less and then work an increase in your first ribbing row.)
I hope this is helpful!
Next week I’ll show you the tubular bind off method. Until then, Happy Knitting!

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