“Mirror Knitting” – Purling Backwards Decreases

In the last post (for now) in this series, I’m showing you the decreases you may want to work while purling backwards. These would be a k2tog and ssk on the knit side, but here we are purling backwards, so they are the “backwards” p2tog and ssp.

If the purl side facing you is the RS of the work, then for blended decreases you’ll work a p2tog on the left and an ssp on the right. If, however, for some reason the knit side is the right side – you’ll need to make sure you work these the opposite order for blended decreases. When I turn the swatch over towards the end of the video you’ll see why — the decreases on the knit side are full fashioned and not blended. This is because a p2tog and a k2tog both lean right, and an ssk and an ssp both lean left (no matter which side of the fabric is facing you.)

Hopefully this series of tutorials was helpful!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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