Friday Finishing Series, Techniques

Picking Up and Knitting

I have a video on picking up stitches for a neckline that has been out there for a while, but I thought I’d focus on just the act of “picking up and knitting” this time around. Here’s a video showing you how that is done:

Many knitters think that “picking up and knitting” means to pick up a stitch (as I show in the video) AND then knit it too – but that’s not what it means! It just means to pull up a live stitch with the working yarn.

I think the “picking up” part may refer to using a separate needle to pick up a strand of the base fabric (working from left to right) – which yes, you would then use the working yarn to knit those strands. But if you just use the working yarn (moving right to left on the base fabric) to pick up stitches with the right needle, then there is no need to then knit those stitches as well.

I hope this was helpful! Next week I’ll show you picking up and purling.

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Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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