Lifted Increases

Today we will talk about lifted increases!

These are great when you want to mirror your increases, since there is a right-leaning and a left-leaning version of these. They are worked slightly differently depending on which way they lean – the premise is that you are using the stitch in the row below the one being worked (or just worked, in the case of the left-leaning one) to pull up a new stitch. Because you are using the row below to pull up a new stitch, these do not look good when worked over the same stitches in every single row. Your fabric can pucker if they are spaced that closely vertically in the fabric. (Choose a different increase to use if you have to make increases in every single row.)

Here’s a video showing how these are made:

I hope this was helpful! Next week I’ll cover make one increases!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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