Latvian Braids

Today I want to show you Latvian Braids. These are very cool! They add a neat 3-D effect to your knitting and are usually worked in two (or more) colors. These are found in a lot of Scandinavian knitting – think Norwegian mittens. 

They look complicated, but are really not that hard to work. They can be a bit fiddly, though, since the yarn gets *super* twisted while you are working these.

Don’t worry about untwisting the yarn, since on the second round you will be twisting the yarn back the other direction. Now — there are other variations on these – you can work just one of the rounds and you will get a twisted braid (and in that case, you *will* need to untwist your yarn!) You also can reverse the direction of the “arrow” by switching which round you work first and second.

Have you used these before? If not, give them a try – they’re fun!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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