Mirroring Increases and Decreases

Today I have a video talking about mirroring increases and decreases.

Basically, mirroring requires two things: 

  1. The increases or decreases are placed/located the same number of stitches from each edge.
  2. The increases or decreases are reflections, or mirror-images, of each other.

So, a set of decreases would have an ssk on one side and a k2tog on the other, for example.

Another, implied requirement, is that the increases or decreases are worked in the same row of knitting, as well.

Hopefully that clears up what is meant by “mirroring” increases and decreases!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!


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  1. Thank you for posting links on Ravelry. All of you on TKGA are super helpful and are good ambassadors of the knitting craft.

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