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I met The Yarn Harlot!!!

Yipee! I met her at the Charlotte book signing:

What a funny gal! I had a blast! And The Charlotte Purls were out in force!

I walked in the JDRF Walk for a Cure this morning. (I ended up raising $200 – yeah! Thanks to everybody who donated!) The rain held out till we were done walking, which was great! Here’s the crowd (pic taken by Team member Denise):

I recently finished the hat I was knitting for my son with the handspun yarns I spun on my wheel:

He loves it, even though it is big enough for his Daddy to wear it if he wanted to. That just means it’ll fit him for forever, right?

And we picked up our new camper this afternoon (I know we were supposed to get it last weekend – long story). We’ll probably pop it up tomorrow and load all the crap we took out of our old camper into the new one. 😉 (You know, all the crap that is currently sitting in our foyer, that has been sitting there for 2 weeks…. that crap.) To be honest, it’s not really crap, I just can’t stand to have stuff blocking our foyer, KWIM?

I went to Atlanta with the boys to see my Mom, whose on spring break (my Grandma was visiting as well, so I got to see her too). The boys always love seeing Grandma and “Papa”. Here’s a cute pic of my Mom with William:

Well, that’s it for now – I’m still exhausted from my Atlanta trip, so I’m for bed early again tonight.

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