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Is there a weight on my chest?

So, we’ve been having trouble with Joseph staying in bed at night. He and William share a room – and since William needs access to the bathroom at night, we don’t lock the door. He constantly gets out and wanders downstairs. We repremand him (aka spanking) and put him back in bed, lather rinse repeat, until he finally stays put and falls asleep. I’m sure it’s a stage – he’s enthralled with the fact that he can get out of his bed and his room at will. But it’s very frustrating.

So anyways, last night we do the same routime as usual. During the whole Joseph issue, William is fast asleep. Then, when we go up to bed ourselves later we peek in on the boys to see how they are. And HERE is the picture we are presented with:

Both boys out like a light. I am so surprised that William didn’t wake up and tell Joseph to get the heck off of him! We had quite a laugh.

On the knitting front, I finished sock #1 of my Entrelac Socks:
And I’m on sock #2 right now. It’s slow going, since it’s competing for my knitting time with a gazillion other projects! 🙂

I’m about 10 minutes away from completing my Capelet – I’ll have pics later once it’s done.

And, I finished these two purses for the craft fair coming up:

They’re just waiting on buttons. I lined both of them too.

And, here’s some spinning I’ve gotten done:

This is a three ply Corridale/ Bamboo mix (two plies of purple wool, and one ply of grey bamboo). It worked out to a good fingering weight – I’m very happy with it.

And a very similar:

This is the same wool as the other yarn, just worked as a two ply without the bamboo ply. It worked out to a light fingering weight. I may try to sell this at the craft fair, we’ll see how I feel.

We’re picking up a new camper on Saturday – we’re so excited! We’ve traded in our pop-up for a newer model. This one has a slide out dinette area, so we gain some floor space, and it has a sofa, so we gain some seating as well. Here’s the model we’re getting, isn’t it pretty?!

That’s it for now!

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