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OK, so there’s a little local craft show that I’m going to participate in around the end of May, so I’ve been knitting like crazy to make stuff for that. I’ve never had this many things on the needles at once! I’ve got felted bags going, Yoga socks, baby hats, and who knows what else! On top of that, I’ve got a few things on the needles for me, because, you know, all this knitting for-sale things is burning me out, so I have to have some things to work on for me. 🙂

So I have these socks going:

They’re the Entrelac socks by Eunny Jang from Interweave Knits Spring 2007. I’m to the heel of sock #1 now. I was worried that I was off gauge with them (using US1 needles), but they are fitting perfect so far! I am enjoying the entrelac method so much! And I now love toe ups! I had tried doing toe ups for William’s socks, but gave up and went ahead and did cuff down because I couldn’t get the cast on to work. Well, this time I tried ‘Judy’s Magic Cast On’, and OMG, it was so much easier, and looks great! I think I’m hooked!
And here’s my progress on the Juno Regina Stole:
I can only work on it when I can give it my FULL attention. I don’t like leaving off in the middle of a repeat, so I try to stop at the end of chart repeat. (I know I could use a row counter, but I would still probably loose my place!!) This is at the end of the third repeat of chart 2.
So is two “me” projects on the needles enough? Maybe, maybe not. I am so tempted right now to cast on *another* pair of socks using my Audacity yarn (from Black Bunny Fibers):

I really don’t want to hide this yarn on my feet, though. BUT, she has some DK weight yarn, so I’m thinking of getting some of that and doing a hat with it. Then I’d have socks and a hat that match! And, the pretty colors would be on my head! Or maybe I should do a scarf?
It’s supposed to represent all the different skintones of people, so I’m thinking it really needs a cable pattern to symbolize the interconnectedness of us all. I haven’t found the right pattern yet, though.
Well, I’m feeling quite slack when it comes to my Master Knitting Program. I haven’t done a thing in the last couple of weeks. I really want to get the swatches all done by the end of May, and then have the whole thing done and mailed in by the end of June. But, I want to have a good number of things knit up for the craft show, so that needs to take top priority right now. I’ll try to knit up a swatch a week, though, to try to stay on target. I think I can handle that. 🙂 Here’s the photos of my swatches 5 and 6:
Swatch 5:
Swatch 6:
Let me tell you, I hope I don’t lose the tags on these, because I have a heck of a time telling these two swatches apart!!

Well, that’s it for me now.

Have a great weekend!

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