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Anxiously Awaiting

…my Master Knitter Level 2 submission results!  It’s been about 3 weeks now, so I have about 3 to 5 weeks wait left.  I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of it as best as I can.  I started a lace shawl right away, and I finished it about a week ago:

Finished Swallowtail Shawl

Pattern:  Swallowtail
Yarn:  Nightfall Fingering shawl ball in Robin’s Egg
Needles:  US 4
Started:  Jan 17, 2013
Finished:  Feb 2, 2013
Finished size:  24 inches high and 51 inches wide


I did the called for 14 repeats of the budding lace chart, but wanted more of the lily of the valley than just two repeats, so I did 4 total repeats of that.  I worked the first and second chart, and then repeated the first and second chart (starting the first chart at row 3).  It meant that I had the wrong number of stitches for starting the edging chart – I was off by 4 too many stitches on each side. I added a decrease on each side of the triangles on the first row of the edging, and in between the paired yarnovers on row 3 at the edges of the triangles- this made my stitch counts work for the edging.

I ended up running out of yarn with just 2 rows and the bind off left (oops!), so I doubled up some black cobweb lace yarn I had for those few rows.

I also got around to blocking my sock scrap blankie that I finished oh so long ago:

Finally blocked the blankie


It blocked out to a really nice size!  (And in blocking I discovered a hole made by Gracie the yarn-fiend kitty!  Ack!  I was able to repair it, but I am not a proficient crocheter, so it was a difficult thing!)

My current WiP is a pair of socks that had been hibernating for a while:

Rattlesnake Creek socks in progress


They are now almost done.  I think I might pull out my Nightingale socks to finish next.

Happy Knitting! (And waiting…)

FO Posts, Master Knitter Posts

FO Friday

Sorry for being MIA for so long!  I’ve been busy, busy with house remodeling (it’s done now!) and holiday goings on, and getting back into the homeschool swing.

I actually have a couple of things to show you today!

First, I finished my Spectra:


Pattern:  Spectra by Stephen West
Yarn:  Knit Picks Capretta in Platinum for the outer edge, and my own handspun for the inner wedges (handspun is a BBFL from Gale’s Art)
Needles:  US 4 (I think!)
Started:  September 16, 2012
Finished:  January 16, 2013
Finished size – about 64 inches long (before blocking, we’ll see how long it is once it’s been blocked!)

It still needs to be blocked.  I evidently casted on much more tightly than I bound off, because the starting edge is much smaller than the finished end!  Oh well.  A good blocking will add to the drape anyway.  Once I frogged it back (since I was forgetting to do the short rows in between the blocks) it went much better!  I’m very happy with it.

And now, to show you my BIG FO for this week:


That’s right, I’m ready to mail in my Master Knitter Level 2 binder!!!!!!!

My oldest son modeling the level 2 vest I designed.
Swatches for Level 2
All the swatches for Level 2
Level 2
That’s one stuffed binder!!

I just have to finish up the history report (it’s almost done as I type this!) and get it proof-read, and then I’ll mail it off tomorrow morning!  It feel so very, very good to be at the finish line of this level!!  I’m beside myself!!

So, keep your fingers crossed for me that I won’t have many re-dos, and that I pass Level 2 soon! 🙂

Happy Knitting!!  (I almost don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s done…)

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Slow Progress

I’ve been plugging away on my Master Knitter vest and report.  I have my outline for the report done, I just need to start actually writing it.  And the vest is fairly well planned out and the front is more than halfway done.

Front of vest.

But I’m worrying about my knit stitch prior to my cable panel.  I know I’m being more critical of my work than I probably need to be, but I can see some slight enlarging of that last knit stitch.

Right cable
Can you see that the right hand knit stitch (before the cable panel) is a bit bigger? Or am I seeing things?

Very slight, but I can see it.  And maybe blocking will even it out, but I’m still considering starting over.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure I have enough yarn to finish the front and just knit another front without ripping this one for the yarn.  ::sigh::

Left cable
The left cable seems better – the right hand stitch before the panel isn’t as enlarged.

We’ve been traveling quite a bit this month, so I haven’t had much knitting time.  Plus we’re still working on the garage remodel, so that’s been limiting my knitting and report writing time as well.

We're at the spackling stage.  Hopefully we'll be painting soon!
We’re at the spackling stage. Hopefully we’ll be painting soon!

I wrote my book reviews, but I’m now thinking I need to add to them.  As examples, I used the book reviews you see in magazines like Cast On and Interweave – and I wrote a very concise and brief review that’s about a paragraph or so.  But in looking on the Ravelry group for pointers I came across a book review tips page, and it sounds like I should not have been quite as concise as I was. 🙂  So, I’ll revisit those as well and tweak what I have before sending the packet in.  I should be able to send everything in sometime in January, I think.

It’s actually been quite nice not having holiday knitting to have to deal with this year.  But, of course, I have plenty of other stuff to deal with, so I’ve still been stressed.  I’m very much looking forward to taking it easier and enjoying the holidays in the next few days.

If I don’t post before Christmas, I hope you all have a lovely holiday.  May your day(s) be filled with laughter, light, and love!

Happy Knitting!

FO Posts

FO Friday

This really should be a Masters Monday post, but I finished this yesterday, so why not post it today!

I finally finished my argyle sock for Master Knitter Level 2!  This was my second attempt, and it looks much better than my first!


Pattern:  Top Down Argyle Socks by Jennifer Donze (Cast On magazine Nov ’12-Jan ’13)
Yarn:  Regia Angora Merino in 4 colors – white, light blue, navy blue and purple
Needles:  US 2 (2.75mm)
Started:  Nov 15
Finished:  Nov 29

Side seam on leg has to be left unsewn, so the committee members can see inside the sock to see my work.

I made no modifications to the pattern whatsoever.  It fits my foot, but I’m unsure as to whether it will fit my ankle – but that doesn’t matter because this sock will never be worn anyhow – it’s going to stay in my Master Knitter notebook.  And I did not enjoy knitting it – intarsia is not my thing! – so I highly doubt it will ever get a partner, anyhow.  Besides, I ran out of yarn (since this was my second attempt) so I’d need to buy more of this not-inexpensive-yarn to knit a matching mate.  I may tackle another pair of argyle socks sometime in the future – but not anytime in the near future!

side seam
Side seam on foot – my seaming technique will be reviewed as well as my ability to work intarsia correctly, and construct a sock correctly.
Diamonds over top of foot.

Here was my first attempt:


I had gotten even father than this with it – I had finished the instep intarsia as well – and while in the process of weaving in my ends at the color changes I noticed that I didn’t twist at a color change towards the end of the sock!  Ugh!  But it all worked out well, anyhow,  because I like the newer pattern much better (a side seam makes so much more sense!) and I prefer my second color combination as well.  This one was going to have navy lines.

So now all I have left to tackle is the vest and the written report! I’m going to start on the report today, since I’ve been procrastinating starting that. I figure the vest will be a fun way to end my master knitter level 2 work, so I’ll reward myself with the vest after getting the written work done. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be ready to mail my portfolio in soon!!

Happy Knitting!  (And report writing!!?)

Master Knitter Posts

Master Knitter Monday, and WiPs.

I’ve decided that my one button band (the seed stitch one) needs to be redone, because the first buttonhole (OF COURSE it was the first one!) disrupts the seed stitch pattern where it shouldn’t.  And I didn’t notice it until a day or two ago.  HOW did I not see that??  Anyhow – that will get reknitted today or tomorrow.

zoom swatch 21
Can you see that? There should be a purl in there instead of the column of knits!

I’m making good progress on the argyle sock:

Starting on instep…

I’m not getting gauge right now, but I’m thinking it’ll block to the required gauge.  If not, I’ll either make a note that pattern gauge was knowingly not achieved (I’m not planning on wearing it anyhow) or I’ll knit another sock.  It’ll all depend on how the finished sock looks when I’m done!

My other WiP that I meant to show you last Wednesday is my Spectra that the Thursday night knit-night group is doing as a knit-a-long:

Bad lighting – it’s hard to tell the inside colors, but they are slightly shifting. I’ll have to take a better picture next time!

I’m over halfway done – the main color is a grey Capretta from Knit Picks, and the contrast color is my own handspun – a sock weight BFL that I spun to have a long color change.  This is a fun and mindless knit (once I figured out that I was doing it wrong and ripped over 30 wedges out and started over!  oops!) I’ve been working on it when it’s not feasible to work on my Master Knitter stuff, like at knit night and other distracting places.  So it’s slowly but surely getting done.  🙂

I’m planning on writing up my vest pattern soon, probably as soon as this first (and hopefully last!) sock is done, so I can knit that up.  The end of the month is looming quickly, I may not make my self-imposed deadline!  But, my husband and I have started on converting our one car garage to living space, so a lot of my knitting time has been eaten up by that.

Floor has been raised to level. We’ll put a window in where the garage door used to be.

We hope to have a new schoolroom and office plus utility closet when we’re all done.  And we hope to have it all done by the end of Thanksgiving week, but we’ll see how it goes.

That’s what I have to show you this week!  I hope to have a finished sock and maybe the start of a vest to show you next week!

Happy Knitting!