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More Master Knitter Swatches.

Okay, so I meant to write up a post yesterday for Master Knitter Monday, but it got too busy, so here it is a day late! 🙂

I have lots more to show you!  All my swatches are now done!! Yay!  Of course the 4 that I saved for last (the 4 buttonhole swatches) are the ones that gave me the most fits.

MK lvl2 Swatch #19
1×1 rib with buttonholes
(vertical on top, horizontal in middle and eyelet on bottom)
MK lvl2 Swatch #20
2×2 rib with buttonholes
MK lvl2 Swatch #21
Seed stitch with buttonholes
MK lvl2 Swatch #22
1×1 rib with evenly spaced buttonholes (eyelet buttonholes)

I tried my best to do 3 different horizontal buttonholes on these, but everything except the tulips buttonhole looked like crap.  So, I ended up with that same horizontal buttonhole on all 3 vertical swatches.  Oh well – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right??  But I did do three different eyelet buttonholes, although the vertical buttonholes are essentially the same type as well.

The wristlet was a fun little knit, and I’m really happy with the colors I ended up choosing:

Fair Isle Wristlet

I’ll start the argyle sock later today, and the vest is already in the pattern writing stage – I’ll knit it once my sock is done.

Yarn for my Argyle Sock

Other than that I just have the report and 4 book reviews to do and then I’ll be ready to send it off!  Not too bad – I think I’ll still be able to send it off by the end of the month (hopefully!)

I’ll show you my other WiP tomorrow – I’m about halfway done with my Spectra!

Happy Knitting!

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