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Masters Monday – Lots of swatches!!

I’ve had Level 2 instructions in my hands since 2009.  And now 2012 is almost over.  That’s pitiful!!  Well, since I’ve dawdled a bit too long, of course a new version of the instructions came out about a week ago.  More than just a few typos were fixed in this revision!  The biggest change is replacing the Fair Isle mitten (done in worsted) with a Fair Isle wristlet (done in fingering).  I’m a bit bummed I won’t get to submit my cute little mitten for review – the mitten that took me over 4 tries to look really good.  (Fair Isle in worsted and at a circumference of 6 inches is REALLY hard!!)  But, I am looking forward to knitting up the wristlet, it’s a really nice pattern – and I have lots of Knit Picks Palette I can choose my colors from.  It’ll be a fun knit, I think.

Anyhow – I’ve still been really hard at work getting my swatches done.  I have all but 4 done now!  First, I’ll show you a few of the ones I re-did (either because I didn’t like them as they were or because the instructions changed on one or two details about the swatch).

I had to redo my short row shoulders with seam swatches – the first set of instructions didn’t specify a contrasting colored thread for the seam, so I needed to redo them and work the seam in a contrasting color.

MK lvl 2 Swatch 8
Short Rows with 3 needle bind off
MK lvl 2 Swatch 9
Short rows with kitchener stitch seam

I reblocked swatch 14 – the starlight lace swatch, since it didn’t seem square enough for me the first time.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 14

Here’s my last lace swatch – traveling vine lace.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 15

And here are my three cable swatches, the last one compensates for cable flare at the top and the bottom.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 16

MK lvl 2 Swatch 17

MK lvl 2 Swatch 18

I skipped the 4 buttonhole swatches – I’ll do them next, but I wanted to do some research first on the best buttonholes to use.

Here is my neckline swatch with picked up stitches.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 23

And here is my inset pocket swatch.  I had a devil of a time working this one!  But I think it turned out pretty well!
MK lvl 2 Swatch 24

So, all I have left is the 4 buttonhole swatches (I’ll do those over the next few days), one or two more questions to answer, the 4 book reviews, the history report, the Fair Isle wristlet, the argyle sock, and the vest.  Oh my goodness, that is still A LOT!  I’d better get to it…

Happy Knitting!  (And Swatching!!)

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