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WiP Wednesday

I’ve gotten quite a bit done on the Master Knitter front!  I have several swatches to show you today:

MK lvl 2 Swatch 9
Swatch #9 – redone (short row shoulder with kitchener stitch seam)
MK lvl 2 Swatch #10
Swatch #10 (twisted decreases – blended)
MK lvl 2 Swatch #11
Swatch #11 (twisted decreases – full fashioned)
MK lvl2 Swatch #12
Swatch #12 (center double decrease)
MK lvl2 Swatch #13
Swatch #13
MK lvl2 Swatch 14
Swatch #14

I’m not sure that swatch #12 is good enough – I’m seeing a bit of wonky stitches in there, although it looks more prominent in the photo than in real life.  And I may need to re-block #14 since the one edge didn’t stay straight evidently.  But that’s a big dent in my swatch knitting!  I have #15 done, but it needs to be blocked, and I’m in the middle of swatch #16. I’m hoping to be completely done with Level 2 and to get it mailed out before Christmas – and I think it’s a do-able goal!  🙂

I haven’t been doing  just swatches, although that’s been most of what I’ve been doing!   also knitted up a Dice Bag for my husband:
Dice Bag

Pattern:  Dice Bag with D6 Pattern
Yarn:  Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Dusk and White
Needles:  US5
Started September 13th.  Finished September 14th. 🙂

He’s gotten into playing Dungeons and Dragons, so he really liked it. 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately – and I hope to have several more swatches to show you next week, too.

Happy Knitting everyone!

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