WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

I’ve been knitting like the wind on my Celestarium this week.  I’m at the last increase row between the E charts and the F charts! Yay!?


It’s just a blob now – but I can’t wait until I can block it!!

Just 55 rows with 576 stitches each left!  (Plus the edging.) o.O

The yarn has been leaving blue dye on my hands like crazy.  I really hope it doesn’t bleed too much when I block it, but I have a feeling it will.  I would soak it in vinegar, but I worry that would ruin the beads.  I love the dense, dark blue of this yarn, though, so I would hate it if it fades at all.

Faberge – at about the same point as last week.

My Faberge has stalled, since I’ve been concentrating on the night sky instead. 🙂

Close up of beads. I’m really loving this color combo.

In other crafty news, I broke out my sewing machine yesterday and made myself an interchangeable needle case.

IMG_4432 IMG_4433

The zipper was a pain in the butt, and I didn’t do that great a job with it, but it works, so I’m happy!  Now my Knit Picks needles have a pretty home.

That’s what I’ve been up to – why don’t you take a gander over at Tami’s Amis to see what other folks have been up to?


Happy Knitting!

Master Knitter Posts

Master Knitter Monday, and WiPs.

I’ve decided that my one button band (the seed stitch one) needs to be redone, because the first buttonhole (OF COURSE it was the first one!) disrupts the seed stitch pattern where it shouldn’t.  And I didn’t notice it until a day or two ago.  HOW did I not see that??  Anyhow – that will get reknitted today or tomorrow.

zoom swatch 21
Can you see that? There should be a purl in there instead of the column of knits!

I’m making good progress on the argyle sock:

Starting on instep…

I’m not getting gauge right now, but I’m thinking it’ll block to the required gauge.  If not, I’ll either make a note that pattern gauge was knowingly not achieved (I’m not planning on wearing it anyhow) or I’ll knit another sock.  It’ll all depend on how the finished sock looks when I’m done!

My other WiP that I meant to show you last Wednesday is my Spectra that the Thursday night knit-night group is doing as a knit-a-long:

Bad lighting – it’s hard to tell the inside colors, but they are slightly shifting. I’ll have to take a better picture next time!

I’m over halfway done – the main color is a grey Capretta from Knit Picks, and the contrast color is my own handspun – a sock weight BFL that I spun to have a long color change.  This is a fun and mindless knit (once I figured out that I was doing it wrong and ripped over 30 wedges out and started over!  oops!) I’ve been working on it when it’s not feasible to work on my Master Knitter stuff, like at knit night and other distracting places.  So it’s slowly but surely getting done.  🙂

I’m planning on writing up my vest pattern soon, probably as soon as this first (and hopefully last!) sock is done, so I can knit that up.  The end of the month is looming quickly, I may not make my self-imposed deadline!  But, my husband and I have started on converting our one car garage to living space, so a lot of my knitting time has been eaten up by that.

Floor has been raised to level. We’ll put a window in where the garage door used to be.

We hope to have a new schoolroom and office plus utility closet when we’re all done.  And we hope to have it all done by the end of Thanksgiving week, but we’ll see how it goes.

That’s what I have to show you this week!  I hope to have a finished sock and maybe the start of a vest to show you next week!

Happy Knitting!


WiP Wednesday

I stayed up past midnight last night so I could cast on right away for my Camp Loopy project!  I’ve gotten a few rows done on it so far today, and hopefully I’ll have a good chunk of knitting time tonight to work on it.

Camp Loopy has begun!

Pattern: Catkin by Carina Spencer
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in color Gothic Rose and Enchanted Knoll Farm superwash sock in color Gold Dust Woman.
Needles: US4

I need to find buttons for it, because it doesn’t count as finished for the contest if it’s not blocked with all buttons and such sewn on, so the hunt for the perfect buttons needs to start now!

For WWKiP day I pulled out a pair of two-at-a-time socks that had been in hibernation, since they were simple stockinette stitch.  I knew I’d be busy gabbing and such at the Guild’s event, so I needed something very simple to work on.  We had a great event with a fantastic turn-out!

Anyway, here are my socks in progress – I’m going to do an afterthought heel on these (the heel will be where the white waste yarn is located.)

Pattern: improvised, basic toe-up stockinette sock with afterthought heels.
Yarn: Knit Witch Celestial Bounce in color Starry Night
Needles: US2

I’m sure the socks will go into hibernation again while I’m working on the Catkin, but I am anxious to get these done so I can try the afterthought heels out!

Happy Knitting everyone!


I’m going to Summer Camp!

A virtual summer camp, that is.  I’ve jumped on the Loopy Ewe Camp Loopy bandwagon!  I ordered two colors of Dream In Color Smooshy to do a Catkin shawl with, but ended up not liking the gold color (Gold Experience – the skein was too orange for my taste), so I ordered another skein of Enchanted Knoll Farm sock yarn in a different gold color.  I like this combination much better!


Yarns: Dream in Color Smooshy in color Gothic Rose and Enchanted Knoll Farm Superwash Sock in color Gold Dust Woman.

I can’t cast on until midnight tonight, and it has to be done by July 15th in order to be eligible for the prizes and such!  I’m hoping I can juggle this shawl with my master knitter swatches and get them both done in a timely manner. 🙂  Today is being spent frantically trying to finish up at least one WiP so I don’t feel so guilty when everything gets set aside in favor of the Catkin!

Happy Knitting and Happy Camping!


Leaf Purse

The Charlotte Purls are having a Bag KCAL, so here is my project:

Pattern: My own design
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool, and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes
Needle size: US9

I started it by hand at the bottom, and then worked in the round towards the top. A few days after I started it, I got a Bond Sweater Machine, so I finished it up using the machine. It only took me 20 minutes to finish it! I then felted it, and needle-felted swirls and leaves on it. The handle is a leather handle from Homestead Heirlooms, and so is the leather leaves and acorn.

I ran out of tan yarn and had to finish up using grey, but you can’t really notice it in person. Overall, I’m very happy with it. My Pouchee (I love this thing!) fits inside, with enough extra room for a small knitting project as well.