Camp Loopy Shawl

Here is my finished shawl!

Pattern: EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Half Circle Shawl
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Dog Days Cicada (2 skeins)
Needles: US 8
Started: August 15, 2011
Finished: August 30, 2011

Modifications:  I changed the first lace section from the cat’s paw lace to ‘Ladybug Lace’ found in Knitted Lace of Estonia, page 138.

Also, for the edging I only did 3 plain stockinette rounds before starting the lace edge and I did a double yarnover in the first edging row to give a more open lace border.  (I didn’t actually mean to do that, but I like how it looks, so I’ll just say it was on purpose! :-D)  I did a very loose crochet cast off to finish.

This was a wonderful pattern, I enjoyed it very much.  And the shawl blocked to a very nice size – 36 inches high and 66 inches wide.

So, that finishes my Camp Loopy experience – it was such fun!!  And really helped to get my knitting mojo back.  (And I’m looking forward to the Wollemeise reward!)  Now my only problem is figuring out what to knit next!!

Happy Knitting!

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WiP Wednesday

Hi all!  So it’s not a WiP anymore, aside from blocking the thing – but here’s my blob of Bugga lace ready to be blocked:

Camp Loopy shawl ready to be blocked

I should have a nicely blocked shawl to show you on Friday!  I can’t wait to block the squishy thing and see it in all it’s glory.  And then permanently attach it to my shoulders. 🙂

Since I finished it last night, I have a new WiP to show you today.

Brace yourselves…

Gasp!! Two large holes!!

It’s my Hemlock Blanket that I finished back in 2008.  It’s place of honor is on the back of our wingback chair in the living room.  I pull it off in the winter to cover my legs when it’s gets chilly in the house.  Evidently it sat for a bit too long here recently without being moved and something got to it.  I’m assuming a carpet beetle, which I get in the house once in a while despite all my efforts to exterminate the buggers.  (Don’t worry, my stash is safely stored in thick plastic bags and is sorted through and examined several times a year.)

They ate a chunk out of the edging too!

My WiP for today is to try to fix it.  (And then to spray bug-killer around the perimeter of the house again!)  Wish me luck!!

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WiP Posts


Camp Loopy shawl is going camping!

Camp Loopy shawl is going camping!

I’m camping right now! Campfire is going, cicadas are buzzing, hubby is playing guitar and the boys are singing camp songs with him. Ahhhh, I love it.
And I’m almost ready to start the edging on my shawl. Perhaps by the time we get home I’ll have a finished shawl to show you!
Have a great weekend and happy knitting!

(This is my first attempt at blogging from my phone, I hope it works!)

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

I’m chugging away at my Camp Loopy shawl, and I’ve already started on my second skein – which means I must be more than halfway done!!

Big blob of lace knitting.

Pattern: EZ 100th Anniversary Camping half-circle shawl
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Dog Days Cicada

I know I keep repeating myself, but this yarn is sooooo soft!!  I adore this shawl and it’s not even done yet!!  Seriously… if you’ve never knit with Bugga then you have GOT to get yourself some and knit with it. GOT TO.

Doesn't that look squishy and soft? IT IS!

I’m on the third repeat (of 4) of the third lace section.  If I do the edging the pattern calls for I’m pretty sure I won’t get to the required 800 yards (it’s the Camp Loopy project #3 requirement), so I’m going to change the edging pattern to something more complicated and a bit longer than the original edging.  But I’m not sure what I’m changing it to yet.  I need to decide soon, because not only am I close to starting the edging, but we’re going camping (actual camping!!) this weekend and I won’t have access to the internet or Ravelry to be able to find something on the fly once I get to the edging.  Eeek!  I guess I’ll be pouring over my lace books and shawl patterns on Ravelry today to find something appropriate.  Perhaps I should find more than one in case I decide I don’t like the first one?  Or is that taking it a bit too far?

Maybe I’ll just stick with bringing along extra knitting projects as backup instead.  Or maybe I’ll do that in addition to finding two or three lace edging patterns.  Yes, that sounds like a good plan!  You can never have too much knitting with you – that’s my motto. 😀

Happy Knitting!  And check out some other WiPs while you’re at it!

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

I almost let Wednesday pass by without posting for WiP Wednesday!  My husband’s been out of town again, and that always makes for super-busy days!!

But, I’ve got a few minutes right now to show you how much I’ve gotten done on my shawl:

I’m 24 rows into the second lace section.  I figure I’m about 25% done.  Or I hope so since I’ve used about 25% of my yarn! 🙂  This is the EZ 100th Anniversary Camping half-circle shawl that I linked to on Monday, and I’m using Sanguine Gryphon Bugga yarn in ‘Dog Days Cicada’.  I cannot wait to have this shawl finished because it’s going to be so soft.  It may end up permanently attached to my shoulders, in spite of the heat.

The boys have been a handful the last few days, and to brighten my week my husband sent me these:

Is that not the sweetest thing?  I love him to bits.

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week so far – mine has improved immensely today!  Happy Knitting!!