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WiP Wednesday

Hi everyone! ¬†Yes, I’m still here! ūüôā ¬†I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted last – so sorry!

The Charlotte Knitting Guild had it’s retreat in Hickory, NC this last weekend. ¬†Our instructor for the weekend was Candace Eisner Strick, and she was a wealth of knowledge – I learned a lot over the weekend. ¬†Plus it was so much fun! ¬†

I did buy some Miss Babs yarn at the retreat, and I bought Candace’s new sock book (she autographed it for me, too!)

Not sure what I’ll make with the yarn, possibly a two color shawl or socks – I love these two skeins together.

On to what’s on my needles…

I just finished one pair of socks (I’ll show you those Friday), but I have another pair of socks on the needles right now (of course):

These are just generic cuff-down short row heel socks – the yarn is Collinette Jitterbug in the Monet colorway and the heels (and the toes eventually) will be done in the Velvet Plum colorway.

My fair isle socks are kind of at a stand still-

-because I’ve had another project taking my time these last few weeks – it’s a gift, so I won’t be able to show you until I know the recipient has gotten it, but I should be able to show you soon.

That’s all that’s on my needles right now, other than a couple things I’m designing, and some lace-weight yarn on the spinning wheel. ¬†I have a feeling I’ll get the itch to start a new project soon, though, probably something lace. ūüėČ

So, that’s it for today. ¬†I’ll do my best to show you those finished socks on Friday, too!

Happy Knitting, and be sure to swing by Tami’s Amis for some more WiP Wednesday posts!


More socks! (and more yarn!)

I finished my Camp Loopy Project #2 – Viking Socks!
Finished Viking Socks

Pattern: Viking Socks by Lykkefanten
Yarn: Madelintosh Tosh Sock in color Calligraphy
Needles: Size US 0 and US 2
Size: 64 stitch size
Started: July 15th, 2011
Finished: August 4, 2011
Modifications: I used the size 0 needles on the cuff, heel, bottom of foot and toe.  I used the size 2 needles on the leg and instep (everywhere the cables were).  This helped with ease in the cabled section, and they fit just great!

I’m very happy with these (despite all the trouble I had at the beginning of this project) – they should make some very nice and warm winter socks.¬† (Is it winter yet???)¬† The somewhat loosely plied yarn does much better in a wider cable pattern than the more dainty cable pattern I had originally picked out.

I also have yarn to show you!  Here is my yarn for Camp Loopy project #3, which starts August 15th:

SG Bugga in Dog Days Cicada
(it's more of a pale grey-green - the camera has trouble getting the colors exactly right)

This is Sanguine Gryphon¬†Bugga! in the colorway Dog Days Cicada.¬† I’m planning on doing an Elizabeth Zimmerman 100th Anniversary : Camping half-circle shawl with it.¬† I thought the yarn name and the theme of the shawl would be a fitting tribute to wrap up my Camp Loopy experience.¬† I’ve had a wonderful time ‘camping’ along with the other Camp Loopy participants, and it’s helped to bring my knitting mojo back to full force!

I also splurged on some yarn at the Guild’s recent Yarn Tasting at Charlotte Yarn:


This is Rowan Purelife Revive yarn – a 100% recycled yarn!¬† I’m going to knit a Lolita vest out of it.¬† The shop sample was tried on by a number of the Yarn Tasting participants, and every single lovely lady that tried it on (in a wide range of sizes)¬†looked FABULOUS in it, so I decided I HAD to knit one of these magical vests for myself!¬† (I believe several other ladies went home with yarn to make themselves one, too!)¬† But the vest will have to wait until after I’m done with Camp Loopy, I think.¬†¬† (Hmmm…¬†but¬†perhaps I could get it done by the 15th if I cast on right now??)

Happy Knitting everyone!!


Stash Expose: Part 3

Our final look at our knitter’s¬†stash will be her worsted and sweater yarns.¬† She doesn’t have a lot of these.¬† She tends to buy sweater yarns on demand, when she finds a project she really wants to make.¬† Which is an approach that works for her, since the needed quantities of yarn to make a sweater can vary a little bit – ¬†and for her, matching and finding a particular yarn to fit a sweater design is half the fun.

Worsted/sweater yarns

The big skein of green yarn isn’t worsted, but there’s 2200 yards of it, and it is destined to be a sweater – most likely this one.¬† The bags of yarn were purchased on a whim at Stitches South this last year – because¬†she couldn’t pass up the amazing deal on them.

This yarn:

Yarn for Master Knitter Level II Vest

is the yarn¬†she’s going to use to knit¬†her Master Knitter¬†Level II vest.¬†¬†She has the pattern picked out and everything, but she’s planning on completing all¬†the swatches before starting on the vest.¬†

This yarn:

Frogged Sweater yarn

was originally used to knit a turtleneck sweater, one of¬†her very¬†first sweaters, actually – and it never fit well.¬† So¬†she frogged it and¬†will use the yarn to knit a much better fitting sweater…hopefully.

And here is all of our knitter’s¬†personal handspun yarn:

Handspun yarn

She has quite a lot of fiber that needs to be spun up, but this is what she has spun so far.  They vary from sock weight to worsted weight/bulky.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a¬†look at¬†our knitter’s stash over the last few weeks.¬† It certainly isn’t the largest stash out there, by any means – but it is mine…um, I mean hers, and she treasures it.¬†

(But she does want to gradually reduce the quantity that is taking up so much space in her bedroom….And replace it with knitted items that will take up space in her closet instead.)


Stash Expose: Part 2

Today we will revisit¬†our knitter’s stash – this time focusing on sock yarns, a particular weakness of hers.¬† You can maybe see how easy it is to succumb to sock yarn stashing when you consider that socks almost always require about 300-400 yards of yarn.¬† So, lovely skeins can be purchased without knowing exactly which sock pattern will be knit with it.¬†

Our particular knitter snagged skein after skein of sock yarn that caught her eye over the course of a year or two (when she was really¬†into knitting socks).¬† Her purchase rate has currently died down to negligible – mostly because she now has the equivalent of a sock yarn store shoved under her bed, so what’s the point in buying more? – but she did quite a bit of damage to her storage area and her pocketbook during that time.

Here’s a look at the entire sock yarn stash:

Entire Sock Yarn Stash

You can tell our knitter’s favorite colors in the palette represented here.¬† Blues and greens mostly, with some pinks and browns and purples thrown in for good measure.¬† This yarn fits in 3 of her knitting bins.¬† Barely.

This yarn:

Left: Nightfall -single skein in Robin’s Egg blue. Right: Nightfall sock set in Red.

is dyed by her good friend Jen of FibroFibers.  The blue skein is destined to be a lace shawl, and the red skein is going to be some kick-a$$ socks.

Single skein on left, double skein sock set on right

This yarn:

Cashmere Blends. Left to right: 3 different skeins of SG Bugga!, two skeins of SG Skinny Bugga!, two different skeins of Handmaiden Casbah. Bottom two: Lotus Yarns Chakra, Dragonfly Fibers Djinni.

is some of our knitter’s¬†most prized skeins. They are all cashmere blend sock yarns, and all very soft and scrumptious. They may or may not end up as socks. The two orange/red skeins will be a lace shawl someday very soon.¬† Most likely the rest¬†will end up as something to be worn on the neck or head – whether that’s a small shawl or a cowl or a hat. Why hide the gorgeous cashmere on her feet??

This yarn:

The coveted Wollemeise.

is another prized skein of our knitter’s.¬† The ‘Holy Grail’ of sock yarns – Wollemeise.¬† She received¬†this as a Random Act of Kindness (RAK¬†for short) last year.¬† Again, our knitter thinks this will become a lace shawl.¬† She loves those shawls, huh?

This yarn:

Left to Right: Opal Hundertwasser, Knit Witch Celestial Bounce in Starry Night, Colinette Jitterbug in Gauguin (balled) and Monet (still in skein)

is our knitter’s¬†“Artist” yarns.¬† All yarns inspired by artists or paintings.¬† Our knitter’s¬†mother is an artist (and an art teacher), so she has a great appreciation and fondness¬†of art – and what better way to combine her love of art with the artistic expression (knitting) she loves most?¬† One or more of these will actually become socks for her mother.¬† Someday.¬† (Shhh, don’t tell her mom!)

This yarn:

"Special" skein of Fleece Artist - one skein of Merino 2/6 with matching 'Angel Hair' (kid mohair) skein. Color: Stone.

was bought with no conceivable idea as to what was going to be knitted with it.¬† None whatsoever.¬† The knitter loves it, and doesn’t want to part with it, but she doesn’t know what to do with it.

And there’s our look at the knitter’s sock yarn stash, which some people would say doesn’t count as stash, but being that her stash is about 80% sock yarn, she considers it hard to ignore.¬† Not impossible, mind you, but very¬†difficult.

Join us next week when we take a look at our knitter’s worsted and sweater yarns.


Stash Expose: Part 1

It’s not¬†unusual¬†for a knitter¬†to accumulate stash.¬† A knitter’s¬†stash is his/her yarn, you see.¬† And knitters¬†like yarn. A lot.¬† Some knitters reach SABLE – Stash Acquision Beyond Life Expectancy.¬† Which is pretty self-explanatory – there is no way the¬†knitter¬†will be able to knit all that yarn before he/she kicks the bucket.¬† Which is great for his/her knitting friends who may inherit the remaining yarn, but not so great for the knitter.¬† Especially if he/she has no room to store all¬†of that¬†freaking yarn.

I won’t go so far as to say our featured knitter¬†has reached SABLE… yet.¬† But she is well on her way.¬† Today we will begin our exploration of her stash.¬† Our knitter will remain nameless for the protection of the innocent.¬† You know, her poor husband and children, who may be ridiculed by non-knitters if the truth got out.¬† (Knitters would never do such a thing.)

Today’s focus is lace yarn.¬† A recent passion of our knitter – who got bit by the lace bug after knitting a few lace shawls.¬† She then had¬†to buy all kinds of lace yarn in anticipation of knitting more lace shawls.¬† But, lace shawls – even when knitted pretty quickly by our knitter – ¬†still take a good bit of time to knit.¬† But they do eat up the yarn yardage!

Here’s a look at the lace yarn stash of our knitter:

Lace Yarn

It’s a respectable amount¬†– it fills one of her ‘knitting bins’ with room to spare.¬†

This yarn:

Left: Malabrigo Yarn Lace (100% merino). Right: Ella Rae Lace Merino (100% merino).

was purchased with the gift certificate won by her Aeolian shawl in the 2009 Excellence in Knitting Awards (by the Charlotte Knitting Guild).¬† She’s not sure what shawls she will knit with it, but she loves it and wants it to be¬†a couple¬†of shawls someday.

This yarn:

Top: Plymouth Earth Ecco Cashmere (100% cashmere). Bottom: Conjoined Creations Pastime (100% soysilk).

¬†was purchased with the gift certificate won by her Autumn Rose sweater in the 2010 Excellence in Knitting Awards (again by the Charlotte Knitting Guild).¬† Both skeins are of a smaller yardage, so she’s not quite sure what she’ll do with these, but she loves them, also.¬† Especially the cashmere.¬†

This yarn:

Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. (100% Alpaca). 8 skeins.

was supposed to be a sweater.¬† But our knitter casted the sweater on and quickly came to the conclusion that knitting a cabled sweater out of lace weight yarn (even held double) was completely bonkers.¬† So the sweater was quickly frogged and the yarn is now in her lace stash.¬† Destined for 3 different shawls, maybe?¬† Or one ginormous shawl?¬† There’s 3500 yards there, people!

The rest of her lace stash was all purchased in moments of weakness or traded for or gifted to her.¬† All lovely, all destined in our knitter’s mind to become shawls one day.¬† One day – far, far in the future at the rate she’s knitting.

And that concludes our first look at the stash of our knitter.  Her lace weight yarn totals up to 22,800 yards (or 12.95 miles!) of yarn.  Lets hope she loves knitting lace shawls for years to come!

Tune in next week for¬†a¬†report on our¬†knitter’s sock yarn stash.¬† We must warn you that sock yarn is one of our knitter’s biggest weaknesses.