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More socks! (and more yarn!)

I finished my Camp Loopy Project #2 – Viking Socks!
Finished Viking Socks

Pattern: Viking Socks by Lykkefanten
Yarn: Madelintosh Tosh Sock in color Calligraphy
Needles: Size US 0 and US 2
Size: 64 stitch size
Started: July 15th, 2011
Finished: August 4, 2011
Modifications: I used the size 0 needles on the cuff, heel, bottom of foot and toe.  I used the size 2 needles on the leg and instep (everywhere the cables were).  This helped with ease in the cabled section, and they fit just great!

I’m very happy with these (despite all the trouble I had at the beginning of this project) – they should make some very nice and warm winter socks.  (Is it winter yet???)  The somewhat loosely plied yarn does much better in a wider cable pattern than the more dainty cable pattern I had originally picked out.

I also have yarn to show you!  Here is my yarn for Camp Loopy project #3, which starts August 15th:

SG Bugga in Dog Days Cicada
(it's more of a pale grey-green - the camera has trouble getting the colors exactly right)

This is Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in the colorway Dog Days Cicada.  I’m planning on doing an Elizabeth Zimmerman 100th Anniversary : Camping half-circle shawl with it.  I thought the yarn name and the theme of the shawl would be a fitting tribute to wrap up my Camp Loopy experience.  I’ve had a wonderful time ‘camping’ along with the other Camp Loopy participants, and it’s helped to bring my knitting mojo back to full force!

I also splurged on some yarn at the Guild’s recent Yarn Tasting at Charlotte Yarn:


This is Rowan Purelife Revive yarn – a 100% recycled yarn!  I’m going to knit a Lolita vest out of it.  The shop sample was tried on by a number of the Yarn Tasting participants, and every single lovely lady that tried it on (in a wide range of sizes) looked FABULOUS in it, so I decided I HAD to knit one of these magical vests for myself!  (I believe several other ladies went home with yarn to make themselves one, too!)  But the vest will have to wait until after I’m done with Camp Loopy, I think.   (Hmmm… but perhaps I could get it done by the 15th if I cast on right now??)

Happy Knitting everyone!!

4 thoughts on “More socks! (and more yarn!)”

  1. I love the Rowan Revive, my LYS seriously needs to get their stock of it in. Gone to check out the vest pattern, sounds like a good one if so many people tried it on.

    1. This is the first I’ve knitted with the Revive (yes, I went ahead and casted on the vest!) and I’m loving it so far! I can see myself knitting with it for more projects.
      Here’s the Ravelry link to the vest, too – it’s available for purchase there as well. It was amazing – it flattered every body type that tried it on! A few ladies would have needed a larger size for more coverage in back – they were taller than I am- (the sample was a small) but the basic shape was very flattering on all of us!

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