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Master Knitter Monday #15

I only have one swatch to show you today:

Swatch #9

This is swatch #9 – short rows with a kitchener seam.  I used the Japanese method of short rows for this one (for swatch #8 I used my usual wrap and turn method).  It’s a bit more fiddly, but makes for a neater stockinette side when you’re done, I think.

Close up of short rows

Although my swatch seems a bit bumpy in spots so I may try to re-block it, we’ll see.

I spent most of my master knitter time this weekend getting all of my swatch info sheets written up.  I was bad and didn’t write my sheets as I knit each swatch. (oops!!)  I had kept notes, though, so it wasn’t too difficult to write them up.  The research for my references for each technique took quite a bit of time, though.  I also answered all the questions relating to the first 9 swatches, so all the knitting AND written work for the first 9 swatches is done!

Which means the first three sections of swatches (all the swatches dealing with seams) are done and I can move on to the fourth section of swatches – which deal with special types of decreases.  Since I only have to knit ONE swatch for each swatch (instead of two and then seam them) it should go a bit faster…  I hope.

Happy Knitting everyone!!

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