I’m still here!

So sorry it’s been so long since I posted last!  My husband went out of town for work, and then his trip got extended so the boys and I drove down to visit with him in Atlanta for the weekend.  It’s been a busy few weeks here!

The view from our hotel.

I haven’t touched my  Master Knitter swatches, so I’m falling behind on my goal to have all the swatches done before the Greensboro conference!  I need to get those done!!!

I did finish a pair of socks, though – these are the month 1 socks for Summer of Socks 2011.

Pattern: Summer Spirals by Ina Isobe
Yarn: TOFUtsies in color 791 (pink/grey)
Needles: US 0
Started: July 2, 2011
Finished: July 15, 2011
Modifications: none, really.  I did the k2tog spiral on one sock, and the ssk spiral on the other sock to mirror them.

I like how they fit.  This was my first time working with Tofutsies, and I like it, although it was quite splitty.  Should be a comfy pair of summer ankle socks.

The heels

The second Camp Loopy project started July 15th, and I had ordered my yarn for it as soon as the project was announced on July 1st.   I ordered Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in color Calligraphy.   I was going to do Bayerische socks, but then changed my mind and casted on for Cable Net socks instead.  I did the ribbing and then decided that the size I casted on was too big, so I ripped it out and started over with a smaller size.  Then I got 24 rows into the cable section:

24 rows in.

…and decided they were still way too big.  And I didn’t like the tiny cables.  They were killing my wrists, and I felt like they didn’t ‘pop’ enough.  SO… it got frogged. 😦

Now I’ve casted on, AGAIN, this time for the Viking Socks.  It’s going much more swimmingly.

And I think the cables will ‘pop’ much more in this pattern.  I’m only two rows into the cabling, so there’s not much to see yet, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

I have until August 15th to get these socks done for the Camp Loopy contest, and then in just a few days the month 2 Summer of Socks pattern KAL will start, too!  I’m also hoping to finish a few of my sock WiPS that are laying around, including one I’m in the middle of designing – and that is *this* close to being done!

I guess this is really going to be a summer of socks for me!!  🙂

Happy Knitting, everyone!

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

I’m almost done with my Catkin – I’m about halfway through the second chart:

Pattern: Catkin by Carina Spencer
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in ‘Gothic Rose’ and Enchanted Knoll Farm Superwash Sock in ‘Gold Dust Woman’.

I am very worried that I’m going to run out of the gold.  I have 6 more loooonnngg rows to work with the gold, and I swear I do not have 6 rows worth left.  I’m hoping maybe the gold-ish Dream in Color yarn I originally got for the shawl will blend in well enough for the last few rows.  We’ll see.

But I did find some wonderful buttons for it!  I took a trip this last weekend to the huge fabric store Mary Jo’s in Gastonia and found a few buttons that I liked.  I think I’ve settled on these:

I also started on a knitted Sackboy for my son. We just started playing Little Big Planet a couple of weeks ago, and the whole family fell in love with the knitted main character. So I found a pattern (by Alan Dart!) and I’m going to make one for each of us.

My son wanted his to have an open mouth, so I gave it a shot with some short rows.  I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out –  I’ll try to tweak it some more for the next one.

And I casted on my first Summer of Socks pair:

I only have a few rows done, but at least they’re casted on!  It’s the Summer Spirals pattern, and I’m using a skein of Tofutsies that I’ve had in my stash for forever.

So that’s what’s on my needles right now.  I’m hoping to have the Catkin done by Friday, so maybe I’ll have a FO to show you for FO Friday!  🙂

Happy Knitting!!

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

Another Wednesday!
And I have a cold. 😦
But, I’m taking it easy today (as easy as a mother of 2 boys can!) and am getting quite a bit of knitting done today.

Here’s my progress on my Camp Loopy Catkin so far:

I've started section 2!

The colors are a bit off – they’re not quite as orange-tinged as the photos show – more wine and gold.  I’ll try to get a better photo next time.

Summer of Socks 2011 has begun!  I haven’t casted my first pair on yet, but I will in the next day or two.  I’m going to do the June SOS KAL pattern in some Tofutsies that I’ve had in my stash forever.  I’m going to try to finish all my current WiP sock pairs as well this summer.  I have far too many pairs unfinished right now, including a new design of my own!

Ah well.  I’m off to finish watching Pride and Prejudice and sip my hot tea.  I think some chicken noodle soup is in order for dinner for me tonight. Hubby and the kiddos may have to fend for themselves. 🙂

Happy Knitting!!


Chili Peppers anyone?

I got my prize package in the mail today. Woo Hoo!
A wonderful Chili Pepper theme:

The wonderful box bag (a Bella Bag) is from StarLitStella – isn’t it just adorable? (Um, I checked out her store while I was getting the web address, and maybe, just maybe, I bought another one in a cute kitty print. I’ll admit, I’m weak in the face of cute kitty cat fabrics. 🙂 )

This yarn is fabulous! Just check out these colors:

100% Superwash Sock yarn from Crazy4Dyeing in the color ‘Ring of Fire’.

And some super-cool chili pepper stitch markers from PennyWenny:

Plus some cute sandal stitch markers from Crazy4Dyeing as well:

Isn’t it a great prize package??! I LOVE it! Not bad for an hour or two of Photoshop fun. 🙂

Now I just need to find the perfect pattern for the sock yarn. I’m thinking it needs to be chili pepper related, don’t you?


I can’t believe I won!

This year, again, Zarzuela is hosting the Summer of Socks! For those that aren’t familiar with it, you cast on and knit socks throughout the summer, and get entered in random drawings when you finish socks. The big prize is the Vacation Photo prize at the end – you take a vacation photo with a sock in progress, and the participants vote on the winning photo. This year it is all taking place within Ravelry – visit the link to the Ravelry group over on the side-bar to sign up. I can’t wait till tomorrow to cast on my socks!! I have several patterns and yarn already lined up. 🙂

So, anyway, she had a blog button/banner contest, and I said “what the hey” and designed a little button and banner – never thinking I had a chance at winning!! And guess what? I won!! Woo-hoo! So here are my winning button and banner:

And I won a lovely package with sock yarn (of course!) and a bunch of other goodies! I’ll post a picture when I get it in the mail. I can’t wait!!
If you’re in the Summer of Socks group – feel free to copy the banner and button and use them on your blog!
Happy Knitting everyone! Get your needles ready for tomorrow!!