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Stash Expose: Part 3

Our final look at our knitter’s stash will be her worsted and sweater yarns.  She doesn’t have a lot of these.  She tends to buy sweater yarns on demand, when she finds a project she really wants to make.  Which is an approach that works for her, since the needed quantities of yarn to make a sweater can vary a little bit –  and for her, matching and finding a particular yarn to fit a sweater design is half the fun.

Worsted/sweater yarns

The big skein of green yarn isn’t worsted, but there’s 2200 yards of it, and it is destined to be a sweater – most likely this one.  The bags of yarn were purchased on a whim at Stitches South this last year – because she couldn’t pass up the amazing deal on them.

This yarn:

Yarn for Master Knitter Level II Vest

is the yarn she’s going to use to knit her Master Knitter Level II vest.  She has the pattern picked out and everything, but she’s planning on completing all the swatches before starting on the vest. 

This yarn:

Frogged Sweater yarn

was originally used to knit a turtleneck sweater, one of her very first sweaters, actually – and it never fit well.  So she frogged it and will use the yarn to knit a much better fitting sweater…hopefully.

And here is all of our knitter’s personal handspun yarn:

Handspun yarn

She has quite a lot of fiber that needs to be spun up, but this is what she has spun so far.  They vary from sock weight to worsted weight/bulky.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at our knitter’s stash over the last few weeks.  It certainly isn’t the largest stash out there, by any means – but it is mine…um, I mean hers, and she treasures it. 

(But she does want to gradually reduce the quantity that is taking up so much space in her bedroom….And replace it with knitted items that will take up space in her closet instead.)

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